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Do you love spending your days (and nights) indoors playing with your pets?

Are you interested in sharing your love with others?

Have you ever thought of being a guest post writer?

At CyberPet, we are looking for folks who are passionate about pets, and who can successfully express themselves in writing. Read on to find out how to submit your article and what types of content we accept.

But first things first, let us tell you a little more about our company and our mission.

Who Are We?

Founded by Leo Wilson, CyberPet is the newest website dedicated to educating new and seasoned pet owners on how to care for their new furry friend. We pride ourselves on being a free resource for well-researched, expert information on pets.

At CyberPet, we offer practical, real-life tips on how to keep your pet happy and healthy. We strive to streamline the vast information available about pets and make it easy for you to digest.

Our motto is “A world without pets is a dull world.” Help us spread the love with pets by contributing your unique content to our site.

Contributor Benefits

When you submit your article for CyberPet, you get to:

  • Share your experiences with our community, connect with people who love pets and dogs, too.
  • Showcase your knowledge and skill set to our readers.
  • Share your bio and your website/social media. If you’re a business owner, please understand that we do not provide links to business websites from either the body or byline of any guest posts. In that case, please contact us via email for sponsorship opportunities.

Readers of CyberPet peruse the site for the same reason — they want to know more about how to take care of their pets. When you write for us, it allows you to share your experiences and expertise with like-minded individuals.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not pay for any articles. There is no monetary compensation or any free advertising for any articles provided. If you are still interested in submitting an article for consideration, please note the following:

If you ignore these guidelines, your submission will be ignored.

Our Article Categories

You are more than welcome to submit your article as a guest writer to be featured on our website. Feel free to choose your field of interest, but please note that we are currently looking for articles on these following categories:

  • Foods and Nutrition tips for pets
  • Tips & Tricks & Advice
  • Experiences
  • Product Reviews (unbiased only, no promotional articles)

Whether you are a pet owner or are generally interested in pets, you can share your opinion and expertise by submitting a guest article, our readers would love to hear from you!

Tone of Articles

While we are committed to our writers having a unique voice, we have specific tone and style expectations of those who want to contribute to our website. Our readers have high standards and crave quality, in-depth articles, and not fluff pieces.

Our ultimate goal is to give our readers informative articles written in a friendly, yet professional tone, use everyday vocabulary like you are talking to an old friend. We don’t publish articles with foul language or content that can be perceived as divisive.

As a guest contributor, please note that we don’t post anything that’s offensive, off-color or polarizing. If it doesn’t fit our standards, don’t submit it. If you’re not sure of our style, take a few minutes and browse our website to see what types of articles we publish.

Your Author Bio

We want to give you due credit as the author for your article. You must submit your full name, a short bio as well as a picture of yourself.

Additionally, you are allowed to include 1 link to your pet-related sites, plus 2 links to an outside resource of your choosing in the article (only cite credible & authoritative sites). Please note that we don’t accept any links to commercial sites.

Please only submit 1 article at a time and we reserve the right to edit your article and publish our edited version without prior approval from the author.


Writing guest blogs can be overwhelming without some direction. We always welcome guest posts but your article must meet certain requirements before submitting here. So this is what you need to check:

1. Articles must be PETS RELATED in any way

First of all, we are a pet website so any informative material that a pet owner would benefit from may be submitted. We don’t have a list of topics for you. Show us what you’ve got. We will only accept well-researched, detailed articles about animals or pet care.

If you have an idea, write it and submit. If it meets our guidelines and provides benefits to our readers, we’d love to publish your content on our sites.

2. Original Posts Only!

Articles must be 100% unique and original. The posts you submit to us must be written exclusively for our use. Please don’t just duplicate or paraphrase content from other websites. While you may have written on the same topic, copying an article published on another site will get us in trouble with Google.

Readers of CyberPet expect a high level of quality and readability. Please send us eloquent and well-written articles which are grammatically correct. We can not accept posts with spelling or grammar errors. If a post has those, it means you didn’t really spend time on it. Before submitting to us, you can use Grammarly to check your work for spelling and grammar errors – it’s completely free.

3. Great Title

We enjoy finding a new creative title that catches the interest of the reader to make them want to keep reading and sharing it with their friends. The internet has a short attention span, so the title needs to be short and catchy.

Equally as important as a great title is a great opening line or paragraph. You’ve got their attention; now you have to keep it!

4. Photos Optional

Please include additional photos related to the topic that you are writing.

You are welcome to use photos from websites that provide free high-quality photos in your article. However, be sure to credit the photo and insert a link to its source.

If you are not familiar with those websites, we suggest Unsplash and Pixabay are two great resources for free photos to include in your articles if you prefer to do so when you submit an article.

5. Word Count

All submissions must be well written, contain 1000 to 1500 words. You should break it up with an intro, 2 or 3 subheadings with paragraphs expounding on each subheading and a final summary paragraph.

Paragraphs should be short and readable. We suggest 2 or 3 sentences for each paragraph.

How and Where to send the article?

You’ve chosen your topic, write your article and now you want to become our contributor and see it published on CyberPet.

We are a company that is passionate about pets. If you share our passion and want to spread the love, send your article, a short bio, and author photo to my email

If successful you also agree that you will still have full rights to your article, but you agree not to submit your article elsewhere. You also agree that we may archive the article online for an indefinite time.

Thank you for considering this opportunity and we look forward to hearing from you soon!