Why is My Dog Panting and Restless

“Why is my dog panting and restless?” – Being a pet parent can be tricky at times and it’s normal to see pet parents struggling with such issues.

Since your beloved baby can’t speak to you, you need to be extremely cautious and observant regarding your dog’s behavior.

If you have been involved with pets for long, you must know that panting is a part of regular dog behavior. Dogs pant. But, it may turn abnormal at any time.

Has your dog been panting heavily all of a sudden, especially at night? Does your dog feel restless and starts panting all of a sudden? Well, we need to find answers to these!

The post explores various aspects related to the subject and would gradually help you understand why your dog has been panting and feeling restless.

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Why is My Dog Panting and Restless at Night?

Anxiety is the most common and primary reason for dogs feeling restless and uneasy at night, However, the question is subjective and the reasons could vary depending on various issues such as any underlying health problems, age, environment, weather conditions, and so on.


Aging could be a possible reason behind your dog being restless at night. As dog’s age, they are increasingly prone to joint and muscle pain, making it difficult for them to catch sleep.

Apart from that, the onset of dementia could be a possible reason. If your dog is getting older and finding it hard to sleep, a quality bed and a session with the veterinarian could be helpful.

Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are probably the primary reasons why the majority of dogs find it difficult to sleep comfortably. A stressed-out dog generally pants restlessly, especially during the night, seeking some comfort.

Abnormal panting is a sign that your dog’s body is in a state of imbalance.

Heat Exchange

Panting, to some extent, is normal dog behavior. That’s how dogs cool down. But, the problem arises when a dog is panting too much.

Well, the science behind this is that your dog is devoid of sweat glands. He is not capable of sweating physically as you do. Thus, panting is how dogs let the heat out.

This is how they exchange the hotter air with the cooler air. And, if the weather is a bit extra warm, your dog may be panting just to let more heat out like you sweat a bit extra on a hot day or night.

When you feed your dog just before it is going to sleep, or when it is already late, his metabolism is still acting on the food, thus producing heat. This can be yet another reason why your dog pants a bit extra at night. Maybe feeding him earlier could help.

Dietary Habits

“Why is my dog panting and restless at night?” – Well, your dog’s dietary habits could also be a possible reason for him panting abnormally. Consistently eating red meat from large animals such as beef or bison could be producing a lot of heat in your dog’s body. Hence, abnormal panting.

Why is My Dog Panting and Restless All of a Sudden?

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If your dog had been behaving normal but is suddenly panting hard, it may be due to the exertion he was just subjected to. Post excessive running, it’s okay for dogs to pant hard for some time.

This is generally due to the body getting overheated due to exercise. Or, if the temperature is rising, the dog may be panting to cool down the body. In some rare cases, the dog may have consumed something toxic during playing outside.


Sometimes it so happens that the dog injures himself during playing or walking around. While it is being hurt, it is normal for the dog to experience an increased heart rate or a heated body. Sudden, heavy panting may just be your dog’s way of expressing that he is hurting.

Medicinal Side Effects

Has your dog been taking any medicine? Sometimes, sudden panting is a sign of a medicinal side effect. If your dog has been panting and pacing abnormally of late, you should fix a session with the vet as soon as possible.

And yeah, let’s not forget that sometimes your dog may be panting hard just because he is severely hungry or thirsty and you forgot to feed him! So instead of wondering “why is my dog panting and restless all of a sudden?”, get him some nice food, maybe try human food for dogs, for a change.

How Can I Calm Down My Restless Dog?

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It could be painful to see your beloved dog panting restlessly. What could you do to help him get some quick relief?

Well, as an initial measure you could take him out for a walk, pet him lovingly, play his favorite music, and play with him. This would help him get relieved of the stress and anxiety and calm down. In case your dog has been panting due to stress, this is the only and the best remedy.

Sometimes, it also happens that your dog has a lot of unspent energy. Taking him out for a walk, or making him exercise would help relieve him of that extra energy and feel good and relaxed.

However, the above measures could help only if your dog has been panting due to anxiety. If he has injured himself or is suffering from an underlying health condition, it’s advisable to see a vet as soon as possible.

Consistent panting could also be a call for seeing the vet. The vet may help you with some calming aids, after examining your dog thoroughly.

To Conclude

Guessing the reasons behind your dog’s restlessness or panting can be tough at times. While sometimes, it may be due to a serious underlying health issue, sometimes it could just be because the dog is hungry or stressed.

The key is to have a strictly observant eye, spend time with your dog, and understand what’s troubling him. Consistent symptoms must be addressed accordingly.

Also, don’t forget to check out other articles in our dog health category to find out more details about how to take care of your dogs!


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