– What Is It & What Happened To It?

When a great idea occurs to a website creator that could help a wide audience, that builder spends countless hours creating an informative, engaging site like Unfortunately, sometimes those same sites that were once fledgling dreams to someone fizzle out and become obsolete.

So what happens to when it dies? Well, it goes to that cyber-graveyard in the sky, of course!

How PetBreeds Grows

The tagline of was “A Place for Everything.” And it was. Users were able to search for individual dogs, cat and horse breeds. If you wanted to know everything about Golden Retrievers, for example, all you had to do was type it into the search bar within the website and an endless amount of information would be, well, retrieved for you.

The Homepage of when it was live

The Homepage of when it was live

The information came in the format of data-driven articles and visualizations (graphics.) It’s likely not a coincidence that the domain’s mothership was a company called GraphiQ. The parent company used semantic technology to provide users with answers to their pet breed questions. Semantic technology is the process of categorizing relevant data in search queries.

Once a domain is purchased, the website itself – what people see when they put the URL in the address bar – needs to be built from scratch by adding relevant content, images, and other media to attract eyes and keep them. Websites grow in popularity through word-of-mouth, advertisements on another website or having a high ranking in search engines, such as Google or Bing.

Websites can achieve higher rankings in the search results by having quality content that is the most relevant to a specific keyword entered into the search engine by the internet user. For example, when still existed, if a user searched for “horse breeds,” would be listed in the search results, preferably within the first few pages, as many internet users rarely go past the third page of search results.

What Happened to

The parent company of, GraphiQ, was founded in 2009 as FindTheBest. The website scoured the internet and collected the best data available. The data was then used to compare two or more items to allow the user to find the best for their individual purposes.

In 2017, GraphiQ was acquired by internet giant Amazon. The larger company hopes GraphiQ’s technology would help them collect and organize pieces of information to make Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, as smart or smarter than their competitors’ virtual assistants.

The parent company of - GraphiQ

The parent company of – GraphiQ

After the acquisition, GraphiQ merged with Amazon and many domains became inactive and inaccessible. was one of the domains that could no longer be accessed, though some residue remains in the deep archive corners of the internet.

How can users find information on different pet breeds now? CyberPet has compiled vast amounts of information for every dog breed imaginable and collected it on one website for easy access. This site is an excellent resource for everything pet-related, from the best foods to feed your dog to how to keep them healthy.

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Final Thoughts

Like everything in life, websites on the internet come and go at a rapid pace. As soon as one turns inactive, five more sprout up in the empty space. When larger companies purchase smaller companies, the smaller company is often gobbled up like a big fish eating a smaller one.

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