How Long Can A Dog Be In A Crate

“How long can a dog be in a crate?” – This is probably something that new dog parents (especially those who are working) are often worried about. There is no denying the fact that a crate is a tool while your dog is still learning some necessary etiquettes.

But, how long in the crate is too long? Can you leave your dog in the crate for an entire day while you are at work? How long should a puppy be in the crate? Does leaving in the create have any negative impact on the psyche of the dog?

The post helps you understand how long a dog can be in a crate! Furthermore, we investigate if you can crate your dog for 12 hours or not. Let’s get started!

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How Long Should A Dog Be In A Crate?

If you must stay away from home for long hours due to work or any other reason, it is okay to leave your adult, healthy dog in the crate for around seven or eight hours. However, make sure to crate training your older dog first.

Anything more than that is just pushing the limit and may result in something you don’t want happening. The dog may suffer from dehydration or joint problems.

Since the crates are often not spacious enough, dogs can’t move freely inside and can have muscle deterioration.

Add to it the fact that, being in the same spot for long hours leads to boredom and the dog may become depressed or anxious.

However, that’s just an estimate. Because, how long should a dog be in a crate depends on their age and training status. A trained dog can stay inside for long hours easily, but a puppy may be anxious just after 30 minutes or an hour.

Likewise, some dogs can stay in a crate for eight hours during the night, but the period drops drastically to four or five hours, at the maximum, during the day.

How Much Time Should A Puppy Spend In A Crate?

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An 8-10 weeks old puppy should ideally be in the crate for an hour or so. As they grow, crate time for puppies increases, depending on how well-trained they are.

A five-month-old puppy can adjust in the crate for around four to six hours (at the maximum).

“How much time should a puppy spend in a crate?” – The answer to this question demands a subjective approach.

As compared to adult dogs, puppies can spend fewer hours in the crate. They are young and excited, they want to be more in action and easily tend to get restless while inside.

Apart from that, since puppies are still under potty training, they need washroom breaks more often. They don’t have an adult dog’s control over their bladder. Thus, being in a crate is more difficult for them.

Sometimes, they just miss you and can’t stay away from long! So, yeah, don’t leave a puppy in a crate for too long. Also, you may find the best dog crate for separation anxiety here!

Can I Crate My Dog For 12 Hours?

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Ideally, you should not leave your dog in the crate for 12 hours straight. It’s outright cruel and unhealthy for the dog.

Excess of everything is bad. And, this holds true for dogs left in crates as well.

“Can I crate my dog for 12 hours?” – Well, theoretically you can, but practically you can’t!

Leaving your dog in the crate for too long may result in them fearing the crate or the entire training process. Dogs may grow anxious and depressed and may have difficulty following commands.

Crating your dog for abnormally long hours such as 12-18 hours may result in them developing “cage-rage”, behavioral issues such as dog whining in the crate, and a certain fearfulness.

And, if you stay out for long hours leaving your dog for long hours in the crate, they may suffer from unexpected dehydration or muscle and joint problems as well.

To Conclude

Dogs are wonderful companions. They are loyal, faithful, and honest. Crate training your dog well is one of the most important parts of being a pet parent.

You should research the internet for solutions to common issues such as how to stop dog barking in a crate, or how to train your puppy to be in a crate without getting restless.

Crate training your dog doesn’t always have to be difficult.

If you are totally invested in the process and approach it smartly, seeking help as and when needed, you would definitely pass with flying colors. “How long can a dog be in a crate?” – That was a tricky one but we hope we could help. Stay tuned for more!

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