How To Introduce Dog To Baby - Feature

How To Introduce Dog To Baby

Many dog owners consider their dogs to be their “babies.” But what happens when they have actual human babies and are nervous about how the dog will react? There are news headlines constantly about dog aggression toward baby. How to

How To Retrieve A Dog Off Leash - Feature

How to Retrieve a Dog Off-leash

Well, we know that it is one of your worst nightmares to lose control of your dog when it is off-leash. Although you do everything in your power to prevent this from happening, we can’t dismiss the possibility altogether. What

What To Do If An Off Leash Dog Approaches - Feature

What to Do if an Off-Leash Dog Approaches

The idea of an off-leash dog approaching you is enough to scare any dog owner, especially those who are new to dog parenting. If you have never had a dog and are entirely new to it, we are sure that