CyberPet - German shepherd

German Shepherd Dog Breed Information and Pictures

German shepherds are one of the most recognizable dog breeds in the world. For centuries, these dogs have been used as guard and tracking dogs in the military and police force, as service dogs for the blind and disabled, and as search and rescue dogs. The German shepherd’s intelligence and athletic ability make them perfect for these high-intensity, high-stress roles.

CyberPet - Golden retriever

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are one of the most iconic dog breeds on Earth. Their yellow coat and floppy ears are known throughout the world, and for good reason. The canines make great pets thanks to their lovable demeanor, affectionate personality, and laid-back mentality. All of the classic Golden Retriever traits show why the dog has become so popular.

CyberPet - French bulldog

French Bulldog

Cousins to their English counterparts, French Bulldogs are loyal, loving canines best known for their cute face, unique ears, and smushed body. Though not quite as hardy as the American Bulldog, the canines make excellent companions. While not overly energetic, the dogs love to play games and will run around if given the chance.

CyberPet - Chihuahua


The smallest dog breed on Earth, Chihuahuas are loyal pets that form strong connections with their owners. They enjoy the company of humans, do well with families, and can thrive in both large or small homes. The canines are small, but they are also extremely energetic. They need a lot of exercise to stay lean and keep busy.

CyberPet - Shih tzu

Shih Tzu

Few dog breeds have been around as long as Shih Tzus. The small breed traces its ancestry back to ancient China, where it became the favorite lapdog of the monks and nobles alike. The fluffy canines, which come in a range of shapes and sizes, are known for their loving demeanor, friendly disposition, and haughty attitude.

CyberPet - Dachshund


The Dachshund, also known as the Doxie Dog, Dotson dog, and Weiner Dog, is a unique breed known for its stretched out appearance. Intelligent and stubborn, the breed makes great housepets for all different size homes. They are quick to accept a family and become extremely loyal following that decision.

CyberPet - Best dry dog food

5 Best Dry Dog Foods for Health and Longevity 2019

If you feed your dog dry food, you’re not alone. Dry kibble is by far the most popular form of dog food in the world. To help you sort through the crowded world of dry dog diets, we’ll take a look at the benefits and faults of dry food, as well as the different types and qualities of food available.

CyberPet - Beagle


Few dog breeds are as well known as the beagle. The adorable canines are not just great companions, but they also serve as wonderful additions to any home. Naturally energetic, the dogs need a lot of energy to thrive. They love going on walks, but will actively run when given ample room.

CyberPet - Great dane

Great Dane

The tallest dog breed on Earth, Great Danes are towering animals with gentle, kind personalities. The dogs rarely bark, and are content only going out every once in a while. In fact, you are much more likely to find them laying down on your chair doing their best lap dog impression than you are running trails.

Boston terrier - 1

Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are a small, loving breed with a whole lot of energy. Many assume the animals operate like other little dogs, but the truth is they are a great blend of playfulness and energy. If you’re looking for an energetic breed that also has an off switch, a Boston Terrier might be your best bet.

CyberPet - Best grain free dog food

5 Best Grain-Free Dog Foods for Sensitive Dogs 2019

There are countless reasons you may be considering a grain-free diet for your pooch. Whatever drives you to the grain-free market, finding the right food to help your dog thrive is key. In this article, we’ll look at the pros and cons of grain-free food, and our choices for the best grain-free dog foods.

CyberPet - Best canned dog food

5 Best Canned Dog Foods for Dogs Who Prefer Wet Diets 2019

Adding a spoonful or two of canned food to your dog’s normal dry kibble or feeding wet food solo is a choice many owners make at some point in their dog’s life. In this article, we’ll look at the different benefits of canned diets, and review our top five picks of the best canned dog foods.

CyberPet - Best dog food

8 Best Dog Foods You Should Be Feeding Your Dog in 2019

We all want to do the best we can for our dogs. When it comes to health and happiness, one of the most important factors for your pooch, may be what you put in their bowl. The dog food you choose will fuel their bodies and determine whether they have the right tools to fight disease and illness.

CyberPet - Best puppy food

6 Best Puppy Foods for Your New Best Friend in 2019

You probably have a checklist of items to pick up for your puppy. There’s the crate, the bed, and of course, tons of toys. One thing you may not be putting a lot of thought into is which food to buy. But choosing the right food for your new puppy now will help them grow into a healthy adult dog.

CyberPet - Siberian huskyjpg

Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are large, gentle animals that quickly adapt to any home. The medium size working breed hails from the frozen tundra, a past that makes them both energetic and independent. Huskies need to be active. They take well to the great outdoors, and enjoy running in wide open spaces. Daily walks are a must with the breed.

CyberPet - Maltese


Maltese is a toy breed known for its white coat and small stature. The breed first came from the island of Malta. They love being pampered and prefer to cuddle up in their owner’s lap. However, do not let their small size and cute demeanor fool you. Maltese are tough animals that act much larger than they are.

Cyberpet - Newfoundland dog

Newfoundland Dog

Newfoundland dogs, also known as Nufalin dogs or Newfies, are large, loving animals that make great pets. They are loyal, work hard to protect the home, and bond with children and adults alike. Unlike many large breeds, the canines don’t mind lounging around the house. They love to relax, and spend a lot of their time laying down.

CyberPet - Best grooming tools for dogs

5 Best Grooming Tools for Dogs for Easy Home Grooming 2019

Are you considering grooming your pooch at home? For dogs with short coats, you may be able to get away with a bottle of shampoo and some nail clippers. But for long and curly-coated dogs, you’re going to need a few more tools than that. Don’t worry though, we’ll give you our picks of the best grooming tools for dogs.

CyberPet - Best dog nail clippers

5 Best Dog Nail Clippers for Do-it-Yourself Nail Trims 2019

Are you sick of hearing that clickity-clack everytime your dog runs across the hardwood? Trimming your dog’s nails at home is an easy solution to these problems that will save you time and money over going to the groomers. In this article, we’ll give you some tips and tricks for getting the job done safely and easily.

CyberPet - Bulldog


Bulldogs are one of the most common dog breeds on Earth. The tough, wrinkled animals are known for their playful nature, gentle personality, and relaxed demeanor. The breed is a caring family pet that does well with other pets as well as children. They rarely bark, and spend most of their time lounging around the house.

CyberPet - American bulldog

American Bulldog

American Bulldogs, contrary to popular belief, are much different than their English cousins. So “What does an American Bulldog look like?” The answer is a more stretched out version of the English one. Though many people associate bulldogs with being lethargic or quiet creatures, the American is a strong, active dog that is quite easy to keep happy.

CyberPet - Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most popular and well-loved toy breeds in the country. Teacup Yorkies dogs are cute, and they do well with both adults and kids. Is it those traits, along with the Yorkie’s characteristics, such as its playful demeanor, small frame, and intense loyalty, that make the dog a great addition to any home.

CyberPet - Bichon frise

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises are happy, intelligent dogs known for their playful nature and adorable appearance. The toy breed is incredibly friendly and quite affectionate, two traits that make them perfect house pets. The dogs love humans and are quite co-dependent. A Bichon Frise is the perfect dog for any owner who wants a loyal housepet that they can shower with affection.

CyberPet - Bullmastiff


Bullmastiffs are large, friendly dogs characterized by their stocky build and short muzzle. They are also found in several striking colors, including the black bull mastiff and red bullmastiff. The dogs are nothing if not loyal. First bred as a guardian dog, the breed is known for its intense protective instincts and love of their family.

CyberPet - Cavalier king charles spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are a small, fun-loving dog breed marked by their distinct smushed faces and unique coloration. They come in several colors, ranging from the Cavalier King Charles black and tan to the very popular tri-color and ruby. The dogs are an extremely popular toy breed due to their love of both relaxation and play.

CyberPet - Best dog clippers

5 Best Dog Clippers for Grooming Your Dog at Home in 2019

If you have a long-haired then you know frequent grooming is a must. Whether your dog needs a light trim every couple months or a full cut every six weeks, grooming your pet at home will save you lots of money. Keep reading for tips on how to groom them at home, what tools you’ll need to do it right.

Smartest Dog Breeds in the World

Top 100 Smartest Dog Breeds in the World Ranked

Have you ever wondered what the smartest dog breed in the world is? Or how your dog stacks up?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 100 smartest dog breeds and how doggy intelligence is measured. Don’t worry if your pup’s breed doesn’t make the list, having a smart dog may not be as much fun as you’d think.

CyberPet - Boxer Dog

Boxer Dog

The Boxer dog is one of the most popular breeds in America. They are fun, active canines that love to run outside in wide-open spaces. Despite their tendency for play, Boxers can also be quite easy going at home. All canines stick with their owners, but boxers go the extra mile in terms of protecting the home.

CyberPet - Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound, also known as an iggy dog, is the smallest greyhound breed. The narrow-faced canines were first bred to hunt, but soon became house dogs as a result of their friendly, affectionate nature. Though fragile, which can make them difficult to raise around children or other pets, they get along extremely well with both people and other dogs.

CyberPet - Best senior dog food

5 Best Senior Dog Foods for Your Aging Companion in 2019

You’re probably already aware that your dog’s nutritional needs change as they age. But do you know what those changes entail? To help you find the best food for your senior dog, we’ll give you our top five picks so you can spend less time shopping and more time making your dog’s golden years the best they can be.

CyberPet - Best large breed puppy food

5 Best Large Breed Puppy Foods For Your Growing Pooch 2019

As the owner of a large breed puppy, you’ve probably heard that your dog needs a large breed specific puppy food to grow up strong and avoid skeletal problems all too common for big dogs. In this article, we’ll review our top five best large breed puppy foods so you can find the right diet for your growing pooch.

CyberPet - Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier is a proud dog perfect for people who want a fun-loving energetic companion. Naturally intelligent, Airedales are extremely playful. They require quite a bit of attention and exercise to be kept happy, which can make them high-maintenance at times. The canines, originally bred to catch otters and similar game, is the largest of the terriers.

CyberPet - Best dog food for small dogs

5 Best Dog Foods for Small Dogs To Feed Your Tiny Mouth 2019

Do you think the biggest difference between small dog food and large dog food is the kibble size? Think again. Your small breed dog has much different nutritional and caloric needs than their larger breed cousins. Keep reading to find out our choices for the five best dog foods for small dogs.

CyberPet - Best dog beds

5 Best Dog Beds to Help Your Pooch Get Quality Sleep 2019

There are so many dog bed options on the market today that it makes it almost impossible to choose the right one for your dog. There are huge couch shaped beds, ultra-thin easy-clean mats with comfort foam, and everything in between. So how do you choose the right bed for your pup’s needs?

CyberPet - Best dog poop bag

4 Best Dog Poop Bags for Fast and Easy Cleanup in 2019

Have you ever found yourself out on a walk with your dog only to realize just a moment too late that you are out of doggie poop bags? With a full supply of poop bags on hand, you can easily avoid this embarrassing situation. Check out our article to find the best dog poop bags for your furry friends.

CyberPet - Best dog food for allergies

5 Best Dog Foods for Allergies and Food Sensitivities in 2019

Inflamed skin, hot spots, ear infections, chronic diarrhea, upset stomach, and constant scratching. If even a few of these symptoms sound like your dog, the odds are pretty good they are suffering from some kind of food allergy or intolerance. If you’re at a loss of how to help your pup find some relief, you’ll want to keep reading.

CyberPet - American Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit Bull Terriers are meant for people who can give a lot of attention to their canine companion. Naturally stubborn and bossy, they need to be trained and socialized from a very young age. Pit owners need to make sure their dog recognizes them because it can be so challenging to handle him.

CyberPet - Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested

Who can forget a naked dog? With a bit of a pony look, furred head, tail, and feet, and mostly a hairless body, the Chinese Crested dogs are listed as one of the best companion dogs. With its hairless yet graceful, it is hard to confuse a Chinese Crested dog for another breed.

CyberPet - Best dog crate

5 Best Dog Crates For Reliability and Comfort in 2019

Are you starting the house training adventure with your new pup? Or looking to upgrade your older dog’s current digs? Whatever your reason for buying a new kennel, you’ve probably discovered that there is not exactly a lack of options out there. Today we’ll tell you our top 5 picks of the best dog crates to save you some time.

CyberPet - Best dog carrier

5 Best Dog Carriers to Keep Your Small Dog By Your Side 2019

Whether you enjoy taking your pocket pooch with you during everyday outings or have a trip planned that requires you to bring your pup along, having the right dog carrier is key for you and your pet’s happiness. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the key features to look at when picking the best dog carrier.

CyberPet - Affenpinscher


Curious, loyal, a great comedian, and famously amusing, anyone looking for an almost-human toy pooch, will find a companion in an Affenpinscher. These naughty, happy companion pups approach life with tremendous confidence despite standing less than a foot tall. Affens are a perfect fit for dog lovers looking for an affectionate, yet always entertaining canine companion.

CyberPet - Smooth Fox Terrier

Smooth Fox Terrier

Looking to fill your life with joy with a fun, fast, full of energy puppy? You might find the smooth fox terrier to be a worthy match. This lively breed is perfect for those looking for a companion they can explore and make the most of their time with. Learn more about these wily, intelligent, active dogs

CyberPet - Best cheap dog food

5 Best Cheap Dog Foods To Save Money On A Tight Budget 2019

If you’ve tried shopping for a cheaper dog food lately, you’ve probably found yourself wondering how much quality you’re really losing by cutting $10 or $20 out of your budget. The answer, unfortunately, isn’t very straight forward. But that doesn’t mean finding a quality low-priced food is all about luck.

CyberPet - Best large breed dog food

5 Best Large Breed Dog Foods for Medium to Giant Breeds 2019

Your large breed dog may think that they are a giant lap dog, but their nutritional needs are quite a bit different from your average toy poodle. If you’ve ever struggled to keep your big dog at a healthy weight or if they are battling joint and other health problems, a diet change may be the solution.

CyberPet - Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Medium to large-sized canine companions, with athletic and sturdy builds, you’ve got to love a Labrador retriever. Exceptional character, intelligence, and good temperament, labs are excellent all-around companions. They have popularly made excellent service dogs often trained to become handicapped assistance dogs, guide companions for the blind, and also as therapy dogs.

CyberPet - Best dog food for german shepherd

5 Best Dog Foods for German Shepherds To Stay Healthy 2019

Your German Shepherd has a distinctive look that sets them apart from other dog breeds. But did you know that these shepherds also have very unique health concerns? In many cases, a quality diet can help keep your shepherd healthy throughout their lives. Keep reading to find out our recommended picks of the best dog foods for German shepherds.

CyberPet - West highland white terrier

West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier Hypoallergenic coat is pure white and comprises of a soft furry undercoat, overlaid by a hard outer coat. Your white mutt incorporates his love of life and silly antics that allow him to get along with anyone. Their playful temperament will enable them to quickly and energetically run after anything that is in motion.

CyberPet - Best dog food for French bulldogs

Top 3 Best Dog Foods for French Bulldog Wellbeing in 2019

Frenchies are a highly sought after breed that is only gaining popularity. You know how adorable, sweet, and fun these pups can be, so that’s probably no surprise. But this breed isn’t the easiest to care for. In this article, we will look at the important qualities of a Frenchie’s diet and review the best dog foods for French bulldogs.

CyberPet - Best dog food for American bulldog

3 Best Dog Foods for American Bulldogs for Ideal Health 2019

You know how amazing American bulldogs are. Your pooch has the goofy personality and loving spirit of their stockier cousins, but the physique and athleticism of a large breed dog. Still, keeping your American healthy and at an ideal weight takes a little work. Let’s look at top three best dog foods for American bulldogs on the market this year.

Human Food Your Dogs Can And Can Not Eat

50+ Human Food Your Dogs Can And Can Not Eat

Sharing a snack with your dog is a fun way to connect with them, and, when you choose the right foods, can be a healthy way to supplement their diet. But, some human foods are dangerous for dogs and can cause illness and even death if they ingest them. Keep reading for our list of human foods for dogs.

CyberPet - Best cheap dog beds

5 Best Cheap Dog Beds Without Breaking The Bank in 2019

Let’s face it – finding a bed that perfectly fits your pooch’s needs but isn’t absurdly expensive can be quite a challenge. Are you always on the lookout for the best deals on dog beds? In this article, we review low-cost dog bed options that don’t seem to skimp on quality for dog owners.

CyberPet - Best organic dog food

5 Best Organic Dog Foods for The All-Natural Pup in 2019

As more and more people become hyper-aware of the negative effects things like artificial colorants, preservatives, and pesticides have on our bodies and the planet, many are switching to more natural and organic foods. If you’ve made that switch, you might be wondering if an organic dog food would be better for your four-legged friend as well.

CyberPet - Best dog food for chihuahua

5 Best Dog Foods for Chihuahuas from Puppies to Seniors 2019

It takes a particular kind of person to be a Chihuahua owner. If you’ve ever struggled to keep your Chi at a healthy weight or just struggled to find a food they like, then you’ll want to keep reading to learn more about a proper small dog diet and the best dog foods for Chihuahuas.

CyberPet - Best dog food for huskies

5 Best Dog Foods for Huskies For Full Spectrum Health 2019

Siberian huskies are a unique breed. But it’s not just the huskies’ personality that is unique. These amazing dogs have a long and colorful history that has a huge impact on their dietary and nutritional needs. Keep reading to find out what makes these pups so special and which foods we recommend to keep them thriving.

CyberPet - Best dog food for yorkies

5 Best Dog Foods for Yorkies for Optimal Wellness 2019

Your Yorkie may come in a teeny-tiny package, but their nutritional needs rival that of large canines. Picking a quality food with the right nutrient profile is an easy way to help your Yorkie stay healthy. In this article, we’ll talk about how to find a quality food and our recommendations of the best dog foods for Yorkies.

CyberPet - Best low fat dog food

5 Best Low Fat Dog Foods for the Fat-Sensitive Dog in 2019

Has your pup recently suffered from pancreatitis or another fat-intolerance disease? Whether your pup is working hard to get back to optimum health or looking at a lifelong battle with fatty foods, you’ll want to find a quality diet that will support their health. Read on to find out our pick for the best low-fat dog foods.

CyberPet - Best dog food for picky eatersh

5 Best Dog Foods for Picky Eaters with Poor Appetites 2019

Have you ever excitedly filled your dog’s food bowl with a new diet just to watch them turn away without even trying a bite? It’s a frustrating routine. There are a number of reasons a dog may not eat. Keep reading to see our list of the best dog foods for picky eaters.

CyberPet - Best dog food for boxers

5 Best Dog Foods for Boxers to Stay Healthy in 2019

Your boxer is a unique individual. Their personality and quirks set them apart from all the other boxers out there. But even the most unique boxers suffer from similar ailments as the rest of their breed. Feeding a quality diet is the most important thing to help your boxer thrive. Keep reading to find out the best foods for boxers.

CyberPet - Best dog food for golden retriever

Best Dog Foods for Golden Retrievers for Optimum Health 2019

You love your golden retriever, and what’s not to love? There is one thing about this breed, that’s the number of common and devastating health issues can affect them. If you’re serious about helping your golden stay as healthy as possible, you need to start with the very basics, and that includes providing the best diet for your individual dog.

CyberPet - Best dog clippers for thick coats

5 Best Dog Clippers for Thick Coats & Heavy Fur in 2019

The one thing about dogs we can’t seem to ignore is their shiny fur. It makes our dogs more beautiful and adorable, right? However, it comes with a price to pay. In this case, you have to take care of the fur best way you can, and that’s how the best dog clippers for thick hair come in play.

CyberPet - Best dog grooming shears

5 Best Dog Grooming Shears For a Full Haircut in 2019

Whether it is grinding your pooch’s nails or trimming his hair, grooming dogs at home is becoming popular. Grooming your pooch at home will save you money while promoting bonding time with your dog. Hence owning a good pair of the best grooming scissors is very important. We review 5 best dog grooming shears based on quality, ease, and affordability.

CyberPet - Best dog dryer

5 Best Dog Dryer For Easy and Fast Fur Drying in 2019

Does your soaking wet pooch run around leaving a water trail all over after bath time? You might need a dog hair dryers, especially if you prefer to groom and bather your dog at home. We review the best pet dryer that will keep your dog’s coat feeling soft and fluffy every time she has a bath.

CyberPet - Best dog food for bulldogs

5 Best Dog Foods for Bulldogs to Keep Them Healthy 2019

As an English bulldog owner, you already know that these dogs are charming and make wonderful family pets. You are also probably aware of the bulldog’s many health issues. But did you know that feeding your bulldog the right food can decrease the odds of them developing many of these health concerns? Keep reading to see our pick for bulldogs.

CyberPet - Best dog backpack carrier

5 Best Dog Backpack Carriers to Take Them Everywhere in 2019

You see new parents in the streets carrying their small infants around in a backpack type of carrier, right? Well, dog backpack carriers are the same kind but basically designed for dogs. Every pet owner wants to take their pet with them. We review the best dog backpack carrier that will allow you to take your dog anywhere comfortably.

CyberPet - Best dog crate for separation anxiety

Top 5 Best Dog Crates for Separation Anxiety Pooches in 2019

Is your canine companion destroying or escaping their crate each time you are away? Well, if the answer to this question is yes, you have a dog with separation anxiety on your hands. We review the best dog crates for separation anxiety that will significantly help you decrease your dog’s stress whenever you go out of the door.

CyberPet - Best dog food for diabetic dogs

5 Best Dog Foods for Diabetic Dogs to Help Them Thrive 2019

As the owner of a diabetic dog, you have a lot to think about. Knowing how different aspects of dog foods affect blood sugars and digestion will help you find the best dog food for your pooch. And to make things easier, we’ve included a list of some of the best dog foods for diabetic dogs that are worth considering.

CyberPet - Best dog food for shedding

Top 5 Best Dog Foods for Shedding and Coat Health in 2019

Have you ever wished that your dog didn’t shed? What a relief it would be to sweep the floors and not create mountains out of Fido’s discarded hair. Shedding is a natural and normal occurrence for all double coated breeds, excess shedding can be a sign of nutritional deficits. Read on to learn how to reduce your dog’s hair loss.

CyberPet - Best dog food for shih tzu

5 Best Dog Foods for Shih Tzus – A Wonderful Family Pet 2019

If your shih tzu struggles with weight gain, skin allergies, or a dull coat, you’re not alone. These are common problems to the breed and ones that are often made worse by poor diets. Read on to find out if your current food might be the problem and what the best dog foods for shih tzus are.

CyberPet - Best airline approved pet carrier

5 Best Airline Approved Pet Carriers to Travel With Pup 2019

If you love traveling, and you also love to do so with your pooch, the best airline approved pet carrier will simplify most of the issues related to traveling with your pets. We review some of the best pet carriers for air travel in 2019 that will allow you to safely and securely travel with your dog.

CyberPet - Best travel dog crate

5 Best Travel Dog Crates to Take Your Dog on Trips in 2019

Do want to start taking your dog on trips or car rides? If you do, then it could be necessary to buy a travel dog crate to keep your pup safe while traveling or in the car. We help narrow down your options by reviewing the best travel dog crates that will help you keep your pooch safe while traveling.

CyberPet - Best heavy duty dog crate

5 Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates for Your Escape Artist in 2019

You leave the house and you left your dog in his crate, he escaped. Sometimes, you bought a crate that looked sturdy enough to withstand your puny pup. But then your dog manages to escape. What do you do then? Here, we review some of the best heavy duty dog crates in 2019 that will help confine your pooch.

CyberPet - Best small dog crate

5 Best Small Dog Crates – A Safe Haven for Your Pups in 2019

Some small dogs have no problem being left alone. They just curl up on the couch and wait for you to return. But what if your mutt doesn’t like being left alone? In this case, you may have to consider buying a crate. Keep on reading to find out the best small dog crates for your pooch.

CyberPet - Best dog food for great danes

5 Best Dog Foods for Great Danes to Slow & Steady Growth 2019

Great Danes and other giant breeds make awesome pets. They’re goofy, fun-loving clowns with hearts almost as big as they are. Sadly, most large breed dogs live shorter lives than their smaller counterparts. That’s why you need to feed them with high-quality food. If you aren’t sure, check out our list of the best dog foods for great danes.

CyberPet - Best dog food for beagles

5 Best Dog Foods for Beagles – Those Who Eat All Day in 2019

As a beagle owner, you already know how much joy these pint-sized hounds can be. But this has come at a price. A number of debilitating health problems are common to the breed. To keep your beagle happy and healthy, it’s important that you feed quality, nutritious food like those found on our list of dog foods for beagles.

CyberPet - Best dog food for dachshunds

5 Best Dog Foods for Dachshunds to Help Them Stay Fit 2019

Dachshunds and other small breed dogs make great pets, but their small frames put them at risk for health issues. If you love your little doxie but are at a loss of how to help them stay fit and healthy, you’ll want to read on to find out our picks for the best dog foods for dachshunds.

CyberPet - Best small dog beds

5 Best Small Dog Beds that Make Your Puppy Feel Secure 2019

A lot of pet parents make a mistake when it comes to choosing the best small dog beds for their pup or little dog. The best puppy bed needs to suit them. Even better, make the small dog or pup feel secure at night. Let’s explore more about this and figure out the best dog beds for small dogs.

CyberPet - Best dog food for pitbulls

5 Best Dog Foods for Pitbulls 2019 – Building Their Muscle

Do you worry that your current dog food isn’t providing the right nutrients for your beloved pitbull? If you are looking for a high-quality dog food that will agree with your pitty’s sensitive skin and keep them at a healthy weight, you’re going to want to read on to see our reviews of the best dog foods for pitbulls.

CyberPet - Best large dog crate

5 Best Large Dog Crates for Your Pooch to Freely Move 2019

While we enjoy our dog’s company, the demands of our daily duties cannot allow us to watch over them every minute of every hour. If you own big dogs, then buying a dog crate for your large dog is a requirement. We have reviewed and created this list for the best large dog crates in 2019.

CyberPet - Best large dog beds

5 Best Large Dog Beds to Treat Your Big Baby Better in 2019

Either one or three of these situations happened to you when buying a large dog beds: your dog hates the new bed; the bed fails to live up to your expectation or you’re afraid to make the same mistake. We get the feeling. Today, we want to share with you the list of best pet beds for large dogs.

CyberPet - Best puppy food for labs

5 Best Puppy Foods for Labs to Grow Up Healthy in 2019

Labradors grow from wiggly newborns to rambunctious adolescents in just a couple years. During this time it is incredibly important that they receive adequate nutrition so they can grow into happy healthy adults. If you’re not sure how to feed them right, you’ll want to read on to find out our pick for the best puppy food for labs.

CyberPet - Best dog food for labs

5 Best Dog Foods for Labs (Labradors) in 2019

Labrador retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Their fun-loving nature and go-get-em attitude make them great dogs for both families and as working and service dogs. But years of overbreeding means many labs will suffer from health problems in their lifetime. Read on to see our recommendations for the best dog foods for labs.

CyberPet - Best dog food for weight loss

5 Best Dog Food For Weight Loss (Diet Dog Foods) in 2019

You want to pamper your pooch and give them the best life you can. But when it comes to feeding, you absolutely can go overboard. If your dog needs to shed a few pounds, keep reading for our selection of the best dog food for weight loss as well as some helpful tips for a healthy diet dog food.

CyberPet - Best indestructible dog bed

5 Best Indestructible Dog Beds for Chewers & Bed Eaters 2019

Seeing your fido chewing everything from the boxes to the bed. It’s frustrating, right? Sometimes you wonder whether getting him the best indestructible dog bed solves the problem. Most pet parents having light or heavy chewers at home face a similar situation. Today, we are going to help you to choose the right indestructible dog bed.

CyberPet - Best orthopedic dog bed

5 Best Orthopedic Dog Bed to Prevent Bone Diseases in 2019

Do you notice your dog limping after laying on his/her dog bed or walking slowly? If you have seen those changes in movement, it is only fair to ask whether getting him/her an orthopedic dog bed will remedy the situation. In this orthopedic dog bed article, we will share you what makes a great orthopedic bed.

CyberPet - Best dog food for sensitive stomach

5 Best Dog Foods for Sensitive Stomach & Poor Digestion 2019

It’s not fun for any pet owner to watch their dog suffer through the occasional upset stomach. But when your dog frequently deals with stomach and allergy issues, it can be incredibly hard on both you and your pet. Read on for our review on the best dog food for sensitive stomachs.

CyberPet - Best dog food for weight gain

5 Best Dog Food for Weight Gain (High-Calorie Diets) in 2019

While most pets struggling with weight problems are overweight or obese, many dogs also struggle to put weight on. Dogs who are very active, are older or have underlying health problems may struggle to gain weight properly. In this article, we will review the best dog foods for weight gain on the market.