5 Best Small Dog Beds that Make Your Puppy Feel Secure 2019

Here’s the thing:

A lot of pet parents make a mistake when it comes to choosing the best small dog beds for their pup or little dog.

The first thought is getting an oversized dog bed in the name of making the puppy feel comfortable at night. That’s quite the opposite. It only does him/her a disservice.

The best puppy bed needs to suit them. Even better, make the small dog or pup feel secure at night.

Let’s explore more about this and figure out the best dog beds for small dogs.

How to Choose a Small Dog Bed for a Little Friend

Our little friends are more sensitive to cold, hard, or rough surface than our large furrier brothers.

In other words:

They are vulnerable little babies that need excellent care. Therefore, what you need in a small dog bed is so much different from a large dog bed.

If you are going to pick a dog bed for your small babies, you will need a bed that resembles “a nest” or the surrounding cushions serves as a wall to the small fido to ward off cold.

Some beds will have a “little roof” for snuggle-ability. Such beds can be the best dog beds for puppies because all puppies need protection from cold.

Second, they have a large surface area to volume ratio. Well, this means they lose more heat than their large brothers.

The best thing you can do is making sure the small bed you have for them is warm, or has self-warming properties. A self-warming bed will always reflect heat back to make them warm.

Third, according to AKC.org, small dogs are anxious and fearful little creatures that when exposed to frightening situations like lightning, fireworks, new people, other dogs get nervous.

So it only makes sense for you as a pet parent to find a safe haven for them like small dog bed. Find out if the following small dog bed are ideal for them.

Reviews for the Best Small Dog Bed for 2019

#1. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Best Overall

PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed
Score: (5/5)

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Waterproofing cover, excellent bolsters, and Poly-twill blend

Available in two colors: slate gray and brown

Water-resistant cover

6-inch thick solid memory foam



Not chewy proof

Guess what?

The sizing/positioning of bolsters is exceptional leaving out 4 inches more length of the interior space. That allows small dogs or puppies to fit inside the bed comfortably. Not every small dog bed will mimic this design.

What we love most is, you can remove nearly everything on this small bed.

Let me explain. You can remove the bolsters, memory foam base, water-resistant liner and cover make washing a no-brainer – one of the most important things you need when choosing the best dog bed – you can read more here to find out what makes a perfect dog bed.

But that’s not all.

The cover feature a poly/twirl blend, which allows you to spot dirt. Even better, you can unzip it and throw it in a washing machine.

Did I also forget to mention that it has a waterproofing liner which prevents accidents? Besides that, the bed blends seamlessly with your decor.

The non-skid base protects against sliding and slipping. In other words, this small bed has everything you need for your small pet.

That’s why we decided to keep it at the top of the food chain. The bed checks off everything in a small dog bed.

#2. K&H Products Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Pet Bed

Best Self-Warming Small Bed

K&H Self-Warming
Score: (4.5/5)

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Self-warming bed providing extra warmth to your little friend

Self-warming bed

Presence of bolsters

Easy to clean


Gives crinkly noise

Not detachable side cushions

Do you live in cold or climate areas? It is only fair to ask if you could get a self-warming bed for your pet.

That’s not all.

If you have a pet that has less fur on their bodies, you look for a small warm bed for them.

K&H self-warming pet bed is something you will want to pay attention. The bed has a two-layer design which insulates the dog to keep it cozy all night.

The combination of those two layers keeps your small dog warm all the time.

That way, you will avoid problems inherent with faux fur and sherpa designs, which cause shedding. Worse still, they all ball up when washed.

The self-reflective material is innovative and comfortable to keep your little ones. Cleaning is easy; all you need is unzip the cover and wash.

Let’ talk about the material.

Polyfill material recycled from bottles and plush microfleece stuffed in this small bed makes sleeping great. The addition of bolsters on the side creates a sense of security and comfort for your pet at night.

With the lower front bolsters, your small dog will enter and exit the bed with ease. Thanks to the non-slip base, the bed won’t be slipping or sliding anytime soon even on a slippery floor.

#3. Best Friends By Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

Best Runner’s UP

Best Friends By Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler
Score: (4.5/5)

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Self-warming properties, coupled with orthopedic features to relieve your small pup from joint pain

A waterproof bottom

Faux-Sherpa style outer cover

Bolsters around the bed


Extra tall bolsters

The bed serves two purposes:

  • Great bed if you have a small dog having joint pain.
  • A self-warming bed.

The only drawback this bed has is the high walls. Chances are, you small friend may reject it because he may not be able to see out well.

Besides that, the bed is warm with a faux-Sherpa style outer cover that’s machine washable. Second, the bed is waterproof, not water-resistant.

That makes cleaning an easier job for you. With a non-skid surface, you have nothing to worry about your dog getting an accident.

The presence of the Sherpa fabric makes the interior cozy and ultra- soft for comfort. The side & front panel serve as a pillow to support your cooch’s head.

#4. Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Best Budget

Milliard Premium Orthopedic Bed
Score: (4/5)

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Compact styling, and orthopedic property to relieve your dog from pain.

Antimicrobial cover

Triple thick layer

Compact, stylish design


Available in one color

Thin cover

We had to include the Millard memory foam dog bed for one good reason:

We picture you may have a dog that stretches/sprawl out when sleeping.

Such small dogs won’t need a bed having bolsters. They need a flat-pad bed like the Milliard Premium orthopedic memory foam dog bed.

The most wonderful thing is the orthopedic property, which helps in joint pain or aches. Second, cleaning is something you are going to enjoy because the bed has a waterproof cover.

Besides that, the bed comes with a non-slip bottom which protects your little pup from sliding.

#5. Brindle Waterproof Designer Bed

Best Small Designer Bed

Brindle Waterproof Foam Pet Bed
Score: (4/5)

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Comfortable small dog bed with plush velour cover

Soft and supportive memory foam

100% waterproof

Washable velour cover


Lacks cooling properties

Weak cover

The Brindle dog bed is not a typical ordinary bed. It is a designer bed with excellent support for a little dog. Made from 2” inch memory foam and 2” high-density support to mold your dog, therefore creating a soft, warm sleep at night.

Zippered cover surrounds the interiors of the bed. Most important, you can unzip and wash it using a washing machine.

Apart from that, the Brindle company equipped the cover with a waterproof liner for protection against accidents. While that’s an excellent addition, it is essential if you have a small friend that’s getting old.

The best thing about buying the Brindle designer bed is the value for your money. The combination of two layers (memory and support) supports joints for small, aging dogs.

Lastly, it can fit comfortably into a crate. If you have a small pup that’s just getting started with crate training and you have already bought a best small dog crate for it, just get Brindle Waterproof designer bed for a perfect combination.

Our Top Choice for the Best Small Dog Beds

If you find yourself still scratching your head wondering what small dog bed to buy? We feel your pain.

We did our best to review the best pet beds for small dogs. It’s only fair if we told you our verdict of what we know about the best small dog beds.

From our research and testing of these best puppy beds, we find the PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed to be an excellent choice.

From nice interiors, positioning of bolsters, waterproofing, and easier cleaning. We are confident it is the best pet beds for small dogs that ticks everything an average pet parent could hope for in a bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I let my dog sleep with me instead of buying a dog bed?

Your dog might be happy lying with you in your bed or on the sofa. But a dog bed it’s a place that belongs only to your dog, and it makes them feel secure.

If your little friend wants to sleep near you, you can give her or him a place in your bedroom.

Where should I put my dog bed?
Like one member of your family, your dog has its own favorite places. Putting its bed in the right placement is important. There are a few tips to choose the right place for your puppy:
  • Somewhere warm and stable
  • A visible place, but don’t get in the way
  • Close to you
  • Near windows

Summed Up: The Best Small Dog Beds

PetFusion Ultimate Pet BedK & H Self-WarmingOrthoComfort Deep Dish CuddlerMillard Premium Dog BedBrindle Waterproof Design
Dimension25*20*5.5 inches16*20*1.5 inches24*22*13.5 inches24*18*4 inches22*16*4 inches
Layers2 layers2 layers2 layers2 layers2 layers
Weight4 pounds1.15 pounds3 pounds2.7 pounds2.6 pounds

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