5 Best Indestructible Dog Beds For Chewers & Bed Eaters

It’s frustrating, right?

Seeing your fido chewing everything from the boxes to the bed. Sometimes you wonder whether getting him the best indestructible dog bed solves the problem.

You’re not alone. Most pet parents having light or heavy chewers at home face a similar situation.

Choosing a chewy proof bed for dogs boils down to three things:

  • Getting to know why your dog is chewing things
  • Understanding whether you have a light or power chewer
  • Choosing a dog bed that either suits light or power chewers

That is it. Let’s get more into each of this and help you choose a dog bed today.

Best Overall

Kuranda All Aluminum Bed

Kuranda All Aluminum Bed

Runner Up

Kuranda Walnut PVC Chewproof Bed

Kuranda Walnut PVC Chewproof Bed

Best for Chewers

K9 Ballistic Chewy Proof Elevated Bed

K9 Ballistic Chewy Proof Elevated Bed

Best Cooling Bed

K & H Pet Product Original Dog Cot

K & H Pet Product Original Dog Cot

Best Budget

Blueberry Pet Heavy Duty Pet Bed

Blueberry Pet Heavy Duty Pet Bed

Reviews of the Best Indestructible Dog Bed

#1. Kuranda All Aluminum Bed

Best Overall

Kuranda All Aluminum Bed
Score: (5/5)
Kuranda All Aluminum Bed

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Military grade aluminum fabric to withstand even the strongest bed.

Ballistic Nylon Platform

Toughest dog bed so far

Range in different colors and sizes


Not comfortable

Do you have a heavy chewer at home?

Our top recommendation is Kuranda All Aluminum Elevated bed. Feature heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum and sturdy ballistic fabric.

That means, even the strongest breeds like pitbull will have a difficult time tearing this bed. Because these are military grade material.

That’s why Kuranda All Aluminum elevated bed is the best dog bed for pitbull.

With hidden cover edges on the frame together with curved corners, any dog will have a difficult time penetrating through these weak spots.

As you will expect from any sturdy bed, Kuranda supports even the heaviest dogs up to 250lbs.

The only thing we are not happy about is Kuranda sacrifices on comfort to create this bed. In other words, it is not comfortable like the most elevated bed.

#2. Kuranda Walnut PVC Chewproof Bed

Runner Up

Kuranda Walnut PVC Chewproof Bed
Score: (4.5/5)
Kuranda Walnut PVC Chewproof Bed

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Built using PVC lining with a walnut frame featuring heavy duty strength Cordura fabric

Waterproof PVC layer

40*25-inch design

Elevated raised bed


Height is not adjustable

Less comfortable for some dogs

The Kuranda dog bed is for middle-sized to large breeds. The bed can accommodate up to 125 pounds for dogs that have love sleeping indoors.

On the material side, Kuranda dog bed made use of a chewy-proof Cordura fabric. With cordura design, expect this bed to be abrasion-resistant and durable like canvas.

The PVC lining on the side measures 40*28 and it’s spacious. The high-strength heavy-duty PVC frame supports heavier breeds besides relieving these dogs from joint pain.

Thanks to the Walnut theme, the bed is dust and dirt resistant compared to other bed. That means it will save you tremendous time and effort in cleaning.

Did I also forget to mention the dog bed is orthopedic? Yes, it is, your dog, depending on his age or breed will experience orthopedic support.

Most important, because of the raised elevated design, your hound will always feel cool and dry.

#3. K9 Ballistic Chewy Proof Elevated Bed

Best for Chewers

K9 Ballistic Chewy Proof Elevated Bed
Score: (4.5/5)
K9 Ballistic Chewy Proof Elevated Bed

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Durable ripstop fabric and strong nylon which resists ripping and tearing.

Chewy proof bed

Suitable for all dog types

Sturdy and durable


Not comfortable

Provide joint support

A cheap alternative to Kuranda is K9 Ballistic Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed. The Cujo bed features a ballistic nylon cover and excellent aluminum frame.

Unlike its sister bed on our roundup post for indestructible dog bed reviews, it is suitable for any dog.

With edges hidden within the frame, there are no tempting edges for your hound to tear. Besides that, it has a cover you can wipe, hose, remove, and wash.

Same like a Kuranda, the Cujo cot lacks orthopedic value. The only thing worth mentioning is, the raised design promotes air circulation protecting your dog from overheating.

To sweeten the deal further, it is a budget-friendly bed and comes with a 120 “chew proof” guarantee. In case, your dog manages to tear the bed within 120 days.

You’ll get a replacement for free.

#4. K & H Pet Product Original Dog Cot

Best Cooling Bed

K & H Pet Product Original Dog Cot
Score: (4.5/5)
K & H Pet Product Original Dog Cot

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Powder-coated steel frame, with 600D fabric and canvas material

Non-skid rubberized feet

600 Denier fabric material



Height is not adjustable

Less comfortable for some dogs

K & H pet product original dog bed is for furry dogs that lose heat fast and chew a lot. The bed comes with a mesh at the center that keeps dogs cool during hot temperatures.

Speaking of the mesh center. You will find that it is resistant to water, mold, mildew, and smell.

In other words, you can use it both for indoors and outdoors purposes. The reinforced mesh fabric also gives the bed strength to support.

That’s why the big size of the bed can accommodate dogs weighing around 150 pounds. On the construction side, a lot is going on.

First, the bed uses a 600 denier fabric material that’s chewy proof and durable. Second, the cot’s mesh at the center features high-quality canvas.

Speaking of canvas, this is the best canvas material that’s tough and excellent. The bed is ideal for light chewers and pets.

#5. Blueberry Pet Heavy Duty Pet Bed

Best Budget

Blueberry Pet Heavy Duty Pet Bed
Score: (4/5)
Blueberry Pet Heavy Duty Pet Bed

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Great design like a sofa providing a soft and cozy resting for small pets.

Removable and machine washable

Strong stitching fabric

5 Strong heavy duty zippers


Lacks waterproofing properties

Blueberry Pet heavy pet bed has bolsters to support your fury’s neck, heads, and beds. The easy to step-in design alongside the double fitted pads add extra security and warmth for your pet.

The bolstered sides and rolled up cover are chew proof. In other words, they are able to prevent puppies from sinking their teeth into the bed.

Strong stitching and thick microsuede fabric material make this a chew-resistant bed. Looking at the bed, you’ll notice it’s beautiful designs.

On the beauty side, you can always go with two colors. Either champagne beige/tango red or champagne beige/brilliant blue.

Thanks to its nylon casing, you will clean your dirt and dust with ease. The outside thick canvas provides your pet with ultra-comfort at night.

Besides that, you will also note it has 5 heavy duty zippers that don’t easily break. The five different zippers on the side make it easier for you to remove the bed and wash.

Lastly, the bed comes with a small bone squeaker pillow. Your pet can use the pillow to play and snuggle at night.

Why Dogs Chew Their Beds?

Before you buy the best chew resistant dog bed, you need to know the cause:

Puppies – Teething is a phase puppies go through, and that’s why they chew a lot. They do so to eliminate discomfort when their teeth are growing. In other words, chewing ends with age as the pup gets into adulthood.

Aggressive/rough dogs – dogs like German Shepherd, Bulldogs, pit bulls, and Labrador have sharp teeth capable of reaping even the most robust materials. Without the best durable dog beds for those pets, you are likely going to buy dog beds each year.

Anxiety – most intelligent dog beds suffer from anxiety and depression, like German shepherds and Labrador. So chewing is something you will common in them when they reach that state.

The benefit of Buying A Chewy Proof Bed

The best bed needs to provide excellent sleeping and resting place for your dog.

Furthermore, if you purchase a chewy proof bed, one great benefit of this bed is the durable material.

Put it this way:

High-grade materials are used to make this bed. Most of them are breathable and hypoallergenic.

What we also love in this bed is the reinforced seams that withstand all the abuse and impact of any dog. For instance, it won’t surprise you to find Kuranda All-Aluminum and Cujo Cot ballistics having double stitched material for ultimate strength.

That means you don’t have to worry even if you have the most aggressive dog.

Chewy Proof Vs. Indestructible Dog Bed (Serial Bed Killers): A Lot Depends On The Fido You Have

Chewing is a normal thing.

Adult dogs do this when bored. That means it’s a natural thing for them to behave this way.

If you have a large soft chew toy, there’s less chance your fido will start ripping their beds apart.

Before choosing the best chew proof dog bed, you have to know if your dog is a moderate or a destructive chewer.

Then, you’ll know if you will get him a chewy proof or indestructible bed.

Let me explain:

The best dog beds for chewers use unforgiving material in their construction to withstand damage and tear from destructive dog breeds like Dachshund, bulldog, and Pitbull.

Not only are these material durable but also resistant to chewing and tearing. Only buy the dog bed if you have destructive dogs like a bulldog.

The first difference was the material. The second difference is comfort. For heavy destructible dogs, most manufacturer will sacrifice comfort.

For example, in our indestructible dog bed reviews, we include elevated beds. The design of this special dog bed is ideal because it has no weak spots.

With an aggressive, destructive dog, the first line of attack is these weak spots. These spots entice any dogs to start chewing the bed immediately. Avoid an indestructible bed having the following weak spots:

  • Zippers
  • Button
  • Straps
  • Bed edges

While these elevated dog beds are good, the only drawback is they are not comfortable for the dogs.

Most chewy proof dog bed for light and moderate chewers are comfortable. As you’ll see in our chew proof dog bed reviews, most of these beds have lots of pads and comfort foam material.

In other words:

The choice of whether selecting a chewy proof or indestructible dog bed depends on whether you have a moderate or heavy chewer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for an indestructible dog bed?
The material used to make this bed is military grade material like:
  • The heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Ballistic nylon.
  • Hard PVC tube frames
  • 1618-denier ripstop nylon
What is the best material of bed for moderate and light chewers?
The best chewy proof bed is ideal for moderate and light chewers. The manufacturer will use comfortable material that is resistant to chewing like:
  • Canvas
  • Cordura
  • Heavy-duty vinyl 40.oz.
  • Water-resistant layers

Our Top Choice of the Best Indestructible Dog Bed

Turns out that buying the best indestructible dog bed boils down to whether you have a power or light chewer.

If you have a power chewer, the best dog bed for you is Kuranda All Aluminum Bed . We love everything from the military-grade durable material to the design of the bed.

Even better, the bed comes with a 120-day guarantee. If your dog does manage to abuse it within 120-days, you can return it and get a refund.

For pet parents having light and moderate chewers, K & H Pet Product Original Dog Bed. We love the 600 Denier fabric material and thick canvas that is soft and cozy.

The design and constructions of the bed can withstand digging and rough play from light chewers and pets.

In addition, if you own a chewer, this article will definitely helpful for you. We have listed the best heavy duty dog crates that are built from the most robust material to make sure that they can’t be chewed. Check out our list to see more details.

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