5 Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates For Your Escape Artist

You leave the house and you left your Pitbull or Husky in his crate, he escaped.

You find that he chewed through bars that you yourself can’t bend; he squeezed out of a locked crate, or he tipped the crate with super-dog strength and escaped through the bottom grates.

Sometimes, you find that you bought a crate that was affordable and looked sturdy enough with bars that look strong enough to withstand your puny pup. But then your dog manages to escape a couple of times. What do you do then?

Here, we review some of the best heavy duty dog crates in 2019 that will help confine your pooch. With either one of these crates, you will return home, find your canine companion still in his crate; tail wagging, fully aware that his escape artist days are over.

We created this list based on Amazon ratings, thickness and strength of the bars, locking mechanisms of the doors, and the size of the grates.

Best Overall

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

Runner Up

LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Crate

LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Best Strong Crate

SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage

SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage

Best Affordable Crate

SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Best Travel Crate

Impact Dog Crate 400 Model

Impact Dog Crate 400 Model

Reviews of the Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate for 2019

#1. ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

Best Overall

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage
Score: (5/5)
ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

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Strong, escape-proof, and indestructible crate and can take whatever abuse for your mutt.


Highly durable construction

Removable caster wheels


Very expensive

If you are looking for the most robust heavy duty crate in the market, you might want to consider Guardian Gear Proselect Empire Dog Crate. This kennel is designed to contain even the most anxious or aggressive dog safely.

Unlike most plastic cages prone to your dog’s chewing, this heavy duty crate with stop any escape artist from chewing and achieving his goal.

This crate’s selling point is the fact that it is spacious enough to easily and comfortably accommodate large dogs, as well as dogs of all sizes and breeds.

The crate’s stress points are heavily welded, ensuring quality construction. The corners are also rounded off to prevent any accidental cuts. The material is also rust-resistant.

The frontal door has a couple of sturdy latches. The latches are made of steel tubing, making them durable enough to prevent your Husky from unlocking the door.

It comes with a removable steel tray that is easy to clean. This crate is also highly portable even though it is quite heavy. This is because it has removable caster wheels that allow you to push or pull the crate easily and move it from one place to another.

The only downside we found, is the price tag. It is among the most expensive best dog crate for escape artist in the market. Hence, budget-minded shoppers may find it unsuitable.

#2. LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Runner Up

LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Crate
Score: (4/5)
LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Crate

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Tough heavy duty steel frame made of thick wall piping and galvanized square tubing.

Heavy-duty material

Two doors for easy access

Easy to install


Locks aren’t 100% guaranteed

A bit expensive

This heavy-duty metal dog crate is constructed with tough heavy duty steel frame designed to keep your mutt in check. The steel frame is made from thick wall piping and galvanized square tubing with 2″ spacing between the bars.

The metal frame is built to last and treated with corrosion and rust-resistant materials. You can easily access the inside of the crate from the top and the front thanks to the double door design. The doors have dual latches that make it tough for pooches who lock-pick to escape.

Comes with easy to connect removable wheels that allow you to transport the crate comfortably. Also features a removable and easy to clean plastic tray. The crate is also easy to install, all you need is a few screws, and you are good to go.

#3. SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage

Best Strong Crate

SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage
Score: (4/5)
SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage

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Famous for its comfort and security. Good and indestructible construction quality.

360-degree visibility

Rolling casters for portability

Two-door design


Questionable heavy-duty steel

Top door has just one latch

SmithBuilt is renowned for their comfortable, secure, and strong metal dog crates. If you are looking for a heavy duty crate that is indestructible crate for your pit bull, you should consider this kennel.

This heavy-duty kennel offers good construction quality, a removable pan for easy cleaning, and convenient 2-door design.

It comes with a multi-layered and ultra-durable finish that is resistant to fading and corrosion. The design is very attractive.

It will offer you 360-degree visibility of your mutt, and provide your pet optimal airflow at the same time. It comes with two separate doors. One on top for feeding your dog and another one on the front that allows your dog to access the entry. The front door has two slide-bolt latches to ensure more safety and security.

It also comes with a long-lasting, high-quality removable metal pan that is easy to clean. It has four rolling casters that ensure maximum portability indoors and outdoors alike.

The top door has just one latch, which is a downside because if your dog is an escape artist, he can easily exploit it and successfully escape. Another disadvantage is the fact that steel is not really high quality.

#4. SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Best Affordable Crate

SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate
Score: (4/5)
SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

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Budget-friendly heavy duty dog crate.


Convenient wheels

Heavy duty steel frame


No removable tray

This model is particularly meant for those who need a heavy duty crate but only within a fair budget. It is a fairly priced, high-quality crate that will keep your pooch safe and secure while you need some down time or when you are out.

The heavy-duty steel frame is strong and durable. It has a three-door design that allows you to access the inside from the top or side, or feed your mutt through the small door in front.

It is easy to move because it has wheels. It doesn’t require special tactic to assemble, it is easy and quick.

The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a removable tray.

#5. Impact Dog Crate 400 Model

Best Travel Crate

Impact Dog Crate 400 Model
Score: (4.5/5)
Impact Dog Crate 400 Model

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Fully collapsible, IATA compliant, storage slots, airline rails, and airline-approved.

Made in the USA

IATA compliant

Provides superior strength and durability


Highly priced

The Impact Dog Crate Collapsible mode is among the best heavy duty crate for escape artists because it is specifically designed to prevent your mutt from escaping.

It is also designed to keep him calm at the same time, thanks to the litany of ventilation holes. The large vent holes and opening allow increased airflow, which ensures your dog gets enough air.

This crate offers welded rivet construction and increased stability thanks to the 3/8 inch round bars welded in it. The latches are “Marine grade” slam-style that automatically lock into place.

This heavy duty crate is also IATA complaint and airline-approved and features airline rails and storage slots.

Tactics You Can Use to Prevent an Escape?

Do you have an escape artist on your hands?

Essentially, when your mutt is in his crate, he has nothing but space and time to figure out how to escape. Destroyed belongings and many crates worth hundreds of dollars later, you will be so desperate to find a way to incarcerate him.

Dogs need time and patience to find a creative way to escape.

Hence, instead of relying on the durability of a crate to thwart his efforts, also take time to learn his behavior. This may help you discover new, resourceful solutions to stop his busts.

Here are some of the methods you can use to understand why your Husky is breaking out, how he does it, and what you need to do to stop it:

Just watch and learn

Most canine companions wait until you are out of the room before they can start experimenting on their sneaky business.

Try setting up a webcam or hiding out of sight to observe precisely how he escapes.

Learning his tactics allows you to know the weak spots he exploits. This will enable you to know the specific areas you have to reinforce.

Place the kennel appropriately

Where and how you place the best crate for Husky is extremely important. The right spot prioritizes the safety of your dog as well as hamper any escape attempts.

For instance, if you place the kennel by the window, you give your mutt a view of the road and yard, which will keep his attention quelled. This type of placement might backfire on you if your dog gets over-excited at the sight of things like squirrels or birds.

Placing the crate in a quiet corner can help can easily stimulated dog to relax.

If your mutt likes to indulge in destructive chewing, avoid placing the crate near furniture or curtains. This also ensures safety. Or would you rather come back to find loose fabrics wrapped around your pet’s neck?

Let your pup have something to do

What would you do if you were left in an empty human crate for hours? Will you snooze or will you remain restless that you can’t possibly sit still?

Well, dogs are the same! Especially dogs with separation anxiety.

To make your dog more comfortable being alone in the best crate for Pitbull for hours, you need to keep him entertained with his favorite chew toys.

Add a soft blanket with your dog’s scent inside the crate. This helps your mutt foster a comfortable, den-like atmosphere. Even so, leave him with the toys before you go.

The blanket you put inside his crate should be safe. Make sure it doesn’t have long pieces of rope, or loose fabric ends that could be dangerous for your little buddy.

Reinforce the hardware

Once you notice your pooch chewing at the connectors, the first thing you need to do is get your toolbox and reinforce the connectors with metal carabiners.

Never use zip ties or duct tape for a fast fix. The aim of a dog crate is to ensure strength and safety, so such methods can cause harm and won’t hold for long.

Burn the extra energy

Before the crate time, help your pup burn off the excess energy by taking him for a walk. Try a jog in the park, a long walk, or just playing fetch in your backyard.

When you give your Pitbull time outside of the crate to be incorporating and active, your dog is ready to retreat and rest in his safe space.

What You Should Look for in a Heavy Duty Dog Crate

If your pet is an escape artist, then you have ample experience in the crates battlefield.

You have spent so much money on crates, poured over online reviews, spent countless hours trying to find the best dog crate for escape artist option.

Dogs with separation anxiety and other emotional issues are notably harder to crate train. Pet owners with such dogs are always trying to find the best dog crate for an escape artist.

Remember though: no dog crate is fully inescapable. Hence no designer can fully guarantee that.

Dogs are intelligent, and so they always have some sort of trick up their fur-coat sleeve. So when shopping for the best crate for Pitbull, pay critical attention to these features:

The thickness of the structure and bars

Heavy duty crates are built from metal, most aluminum or steel because they seem to be the most robust material. However, make sure the structure and bars are thick enough so they can’t be chewed.


If the latch is flimsy, your dog will escape so easily. Hence, always pay attention to the placement, shape, and materials of the latches. Make sure they are made from metal and compact enough to lock into place without sliding firmly.

The spacing of the solid bars

The bars on the side should be evenly spaced such that you can still pet your mutt along the sides of the cage. Make sure the bars on the bottom are tight enough for your dog to move around comfortably. They should also be able to hold the bedding.

Door Placement

Every pet owner dealing with a rambunctious pup wants to be able to easily put water or food inside of crate without having to hold him back. In this case, the solution could be to look for a crate with two doors. One on the top for putting things inside the crate and one on the side for the puppy’s entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep a heavy-duty crate warm?
Just like humans, dogs also love being warm and cozy. You can warm a heavy duty crate by adding a soft blanket at the bottom of the crate, and a put a bottle of warm water inside for the mutt to cozy up with. If you prefer mild heat settings, you can use a radiator.
Can a heavy duty crate be too big or too small?

Yes. You need to make sure that you buy a heavy duty kennel that matches your dog’s size. Your pooch can develop back problems or lose weight if the crate is some for it.

This is because the dog will feel entrapped in the crate. And if the crate is too big for your mutt, it can get depressed or lonely.


The best heavy duty dog crate is the one that is strong and escape-proof, and in this case, we find Guardian Gear ProSelect Empire Dog Crate to be the best in this list. It is made with heavy-duty welds, thick steel tube construction, and paired door latches that make it indestructible.

An escape-proof dog crate comes with lots of benefits, both for you and your pooch. If you buy a quality heavy-duty crate, you will provide safety and comfort for your pet even when you are traveling.

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