5 Best Dog Nail Clippers for Do-it-Yourself Nail Trims 2019

Are you sick of hearing that clickity-clack every time your dog runs across the hardwood? Or getting scratched every time your excited pup jumps up to say hi?

Trimming your dog’s nails at home is an easy solution to these problems that will save you time and money over going to the groomers. But getting the job done without wrestling with your dog or accidently hurting them takes a little skill and the right tools.

In this article, we’ll give you some tips and tricks for getting the job done safely and easily, and tell you our picks of the top five best dog nail clippers on the market.

How Often Should You Trim Your Dog’s Nails?

If you can hear your dog’s nails clicking when they walk across the floor, they are long enough to be trimmed. If they are starting to curl at the ends or tearing your skin when your dog jumps up, your dog is overdo for their pedicure.

But how often can you expect to have to trim your dog’s nails?

It all depends on your dog’s activity level, the supplements they’re on, and the condition of their nails in the first place.

Active dogs will naturally wear down their own nails, especially if they spend a lot of time running on concrete. Of course, even the most active dogs will still need some paw attention every couple months to make sure their nails are wearing evenly and so their dew claw nails can be trimmed up.

Less active dogs will rely on you to keep their nails from curling under, a painful condition that can cause infection and lameness. The average to less active dog will need their nails trimmed about every six weeks.

However, dogs on glucosamine supplements will likely need more frequent attention since this supplement causes nails to grow faster than normal.

If your dog has excessively long nails to begin with, you will only be able to take off a small amount of length at each session to avoid cutting the quick (the blood supply in the center of the nail). To get the nail back to proper length, you will have to trim them every couple weeks to encourage the quick to recede back to a normal position.

How to Train Your Dog to Love Getting Their Nails Trimmed

Most dogs aren’t fans of having their nails trimmed. This fact can make it difficult to do the job at home, especially if you have a large or aggressive dog.

If you have a puppy, you can avoid this nail trimming phobia by introducing the process to them the correct way.

Start by showing your dog the clippers and then giving them a treat and praise.

Next, touch the clippers to their paw a few times, treating them after each touch. Then, pick up their paw and touch the clippers to their nail.

Continue treating your dog each time the clippers make contact with their foot. As long as they are comfortable, you can try clipping a small layer off the nail.

Praise and treat them after each cut. Make sure to move slowly and stop if your dog gets agitated or nervous.

If you have an older dog who already has an opinion on nail trims, you can still use this technique, but you will have to move much slower. Don’t expect to get a full nail trimming done the first session, or even after a few sessions.

Of course, if you cut your dog’s quick, all the positive associations you’ve been trying to build go out the window. Keep reading for some tricks to avoid this costly and painful mistake.

Tricks and Tips for Easy Nail Trims

Trimming your dog’s nails can be a scary endeavor if you’ve never attempted it before. But, as long as you keep a few things in mind, you can easily get the job done without hurting your pooch.

  • Position the mobile blade on the bottom of your dog’s nail (if using traditional clippers)
  • Trim only small slices of the nail off at a time, never large chunks
  • Check the end of the nail for a dark circle in the middle after each slice and stop when you can see one
  • If your dog reacts anxiously to the pressure of nail clippers, try using a dremel-type clipper instead
  • If your dog gets more anxious as you go, break up nail trims into multiple sessions throughout the week
  • Have a bottle of styptic powder or cornstarch on hand in case you cut your dog’s quick
  • The longer a nail is, the longer the quick inside will be
  • Treat your dog frequently throughout and after the nail trim to make the process a positive experience

If you need more detailed instructions for cutting your dog’s nails, read this article from petmd.com. It also includes some great pictures of the nail trimming process and the quick.

Reviews of The Best Dog Nail Clippers

#1. BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer with Safety Guard

Best Overall

Boshel Dog Nail Clippers
Score: (5/5)

Check Price

Durable clippers with thick blades and quick guard for easy nail trimming.

Quick guard




Guard reduces visual field

No warranty

First on our list of the best nail clippers for dogs, are a pair of traditional clippers made with heavy-duty stainless steel to cut through even the thickest nails. The Boshel Dog Nail Clippers will make trimming your dog’s nails at home easy and worry free.

These trimmers are equipped with a unique safety feature that reduces the odds of cutting your dog’s quick. The small metal stop behind the clippers allows you to shave off thin sections of the nail and prevents accidental deep cuts that put your dog at risk.

These are the best dog nail clippers with sensor that actually work to make nail trims safer for your pet. We’d also recommend these as the best dog nail clippers for black nails because of this safety feature.

These clippers are made to last with a thick stainless steel blade that won’t dull. Like all the best nail clippers for large breed dogs, these ones won’t bend and break when used on even the thickest nails.

As a bonus, these clippers come with a doggy nail file that fits into the handle for easy storage. Once you are done clipping your dog’s nails you can use the file to dull down any sharp edges.

Best of all, these clippers are affordable, easy to store, and they work for all sized dogs. And the ergonomic handle means you’ll enjoy using them, too!

#2. Pet Nail Grinder – Superior Electric Paw Trimmer Clipper with Diamond Bit Wheel, Rechargeable & Portable

Best Dremel

Score: (5/5)

Check Price

Diamond head dremel with three-port attachment and two-speed motor for customizable nail trims.

Durable dremel head


Multi-port guard head


Requires charging

Bulkier than traditional clippers

Noisier than normal clippers

If your dog doesn’t tolerate traditional clippers, our second choice of the best dog toenail clippers is for you. The Pet Nail Grinder makes nail trims a breeze and works without applying pressure to your dog’s nail.

With a diamond bit wheel, not only do you no longer need to worry about replacing bit heads, but you can be sure your dog’s nails will be cut smooth every time. But what truly makes this dremel stand out against the best-rated dog nail clippers is the multi-port head.

The two-port guard fits over the dremel head and allows easy and safe trimming for extra-small and small nails. Or, you can take the head guard off and use the dremel head directly for large nails.

This feature easily qualifies this as one of the best dog nail clippers for big dogs and small dogs. It also has two-speeds for easy adjustment between thick and thin nails.

This dremel is rechargeable and cordless for easy use. And with a lower noise output than most dremel tools, your dog is less likely to become anxious during grooming.

Unlike traditional clippers, dremels like this one are less likely to overtrim and cut the quick, making this tool easier and safer to use for the novice groomer.

With a two year warranty, this moderately priced clipper is worth a try, especially for houses with dogs of varying sizes or for the nervous owner without nail trimming experience.

#3. I-pure items Dog Nail Grinder, Electric Dog Nail Trimmer Clipper, 2 Speed Pet Nail Grinder for Dogs Grooming Kit

Best Kit

I-pure Grooming Kit
Score: (4.5/5)

Check Price

Full nail trimming kit includes multi-function dremel, clippers, and file for professional nail trims.

Full kit with multiple tools

Diamond head, multi-port dremel

Clippers with quick guard


Less durable clippers

Not optimal for large breeds

Can’t decide between clippers or a dremel tool? The I-pure grooming kit is perfect for you!

This full grooming kit comes with a nail grinder, nail file, and traditional clippers so you have options for your dog’s next nail trim. All these tools at your fingertips make it easier than ever to give your pup a professional pedicure.

Like our second choice tool, this dremel has a diamond head, two-speed motor, and three-port guard for customizable nail trims that you can count on to be quick and painless. This dremel charges in just one and a half hours and runs for an impressive eight hours.

The clippers that come in this kit aren’t as durable as our number one choice, but they do include a quick guard for worry-free trimming. They’re also smaller and easier to store.

At a price that’s comparable to the stand-alone Pet Nail Grinder, this kit is a great choice for budget-conscious owners who like the idea of having multiple grooming options. If you’re looking for more quality grooming tools to complete your collection, check out this article on the best dog grooming tools.

#4. JOFUYU Updated 2019 Version Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals

Best Small Dog

JOFUYU Small Dog Nail Clippers
Score: (4.5/5)

Check Price

Scissor-grip style nail clippers for small dogs and other pets with thin nails.

Made for small nails

Easy to maneuver

Lifetime warranty


Less durable

Not for normal to large nails

No quick guard

Looking for the best nail clippers for small dogs? Look no further than the JOFUYU Pet Clippers for Small Animals.

These dainty clippers are made especially for tiny nails. Normal pet clippers have thick blades that make it difficult to take thin slices off little nails.

These clippers have thin, scissor-like blades made for delicate jobs. The entire clipper is smaller and easier to maneuver than most standard clippers.

These are also some of the best puppy nail clippers since young dogs tend to have softer and thinner nails than adult dogs.

Looking for the best pet nail clippers to use on your cat, bunny, or rodent? These are perfect for those finer jobs as well.

Best of all, these tiny clippers come with a tiny price tag and a lifetime warranty.

#5. Millers Forge Quality Nail Clipper

Best Value

Millers Forge Nail Clippers
Score: (4/5)

Check Price

Durable, affordable, and easy to use clippers for the serious at-home groomer.



Perfect for large dogs


No quick guard

No extras

Less comfortable handle

Last on our list of dog nail clipper reviews is a bargain clipper that can stand-up against even the fanciest trimmers. What the Millers Forge clipper lacks in features, it makes up for in utility.

These inexpensive trimmers don’t come with a quick guard or bonus add-ons like a nail file, but for an owner who has some grooming experience, they provide everything you’ll need. These durable clippers are made in Italy with German stainless steel that’s meant to last.

In fact, these clippers are marketed specifically for dogs over 40 pounds and are some of the best dog clippers for thick nails on our list.

While the design is straightforward and without much flare, these clippers are some of the most popular with vets and groomers because they will last forever.

And with a price point below the other clippers on this list, these trimmers are a true bargain and a great choice for owners who want a tool that will work for the long haul.

What are the Best Dog Nail Clippers?

After reviewing the best nail clippers for large dogs, small dogs, and everything in between, we chose Boshel’s dog clippers as the best dog nail clippers on the market. These durable clippers are built to last and come with enough extra features to make them useful for novice and more advanced owners alike.

The nail guard on these clippers reduces the odds of cutting your dog’s quick, while the thick, sharp blades mean you can get the job done quick and easy.

If your dog needs something more specialized, like a dremel tool or small-nail clipper, we’ve included some great choices for those on the list above as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of clipper for thick nails?

Both dremels and clippers can be great choices for dogs with thicker nails.

Dremels can be used on any type of nail and are especially good at getting through thick and large nails. But they will take more time to use on large and overgrown nails than clippers.

Clippers made for cutting large nails can make a quicker job of it but are more likely to result in a cut quick than a dremel. Since overgrown, thick nails often have longer quicks, avoiding the quick can be a real challenge.

Why can’t you clip long nails as short as normal nails?

As the nail grows, the quick also grows. Because cutting the quick is very painful (and should only be done intentionally if the dog is under anesthesia), you will only be able to trim up to the quick each session.

As long as you cut the nails frequently enough, about once every two weeks, you can get the quick to recede. After a few months of this process, you should be able to get your dog’s nails back to a normal length.

Can you use human clippers on small dog nails?

Dogs have a much different shape nail than humans. Dog nail clippers are designed to compliment this different shape.

Even large, toenail clippers made for humans are unlikely to be able to cut through the thick, rounded nail of a dog. Using human nail clippers is likely to result in cracked or splintered nails which can cause additional problems for your dog.

What should I do if I cut my dog’s quick?

If you do over trim your dog’s nails and they start bleeding, you will need to use some type of coagulant to stop the bleeding. Dog nails bleed profusely and don’t often stop on their own due to the constant contact to the end of the nail as they walk.

There are many products on the market made specifically for stopping quick bleeding, such as Kwik Stop. But cornstarch, found in most kitchens, is just as effective at stopping the bleeding.

Pour some of the powder into your palm and hold it to your dog’s wounded toe for about thirty seconds. The powder should stick to the bloody area and continue to prevent further bleeding until the quick has clotted.

Summed Up: The Best Dog Nail Clippers

NameBoshel Dog Nail ClippersPet Nail GrinderI-pure Grooming KitJOFUYU Small Dog Nail ClippersMillers Forge Nail Clippers
FeaturesQuick guard, durable, thick blades, ergonomic handleDiamond grinder head, three-port attachment, two-speedsTwo-speed, multi-port dremel and included clippersThin clippers for small nails, easy to maneuver, scissor gripDurable construction, sharp blade, affordable
Recommended Dog SizeAllAllAllSmall Dogs and CatsDogs Over 40lbs


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