5 Best Dog Foods for Bulldogs to Keep Them Healthy 2019

As an English bulldog owner, you already know that these dogs are charming and goofy and make wonderful family pets. You are also probably aware of the bulldog’s many health issues including respiratory problems, joint issues, and skin sensitivities.

But did you know that feeding your bulldog the right food can decrease the odds of them developing many of these health concerns? Keep reading to see our pick for the best dog food for bulldogs.

Bulldogs and Skin Problems

Does your bulldog suffer from red irritated skin or infected skin flaps around the nose and eyes? Have you ever had to take your pup to the vet to be treated for eczema or acne?

If you answered yes, unfortunately, you aren’t alone.

Bulldogs, especially English bulldogs, are prone to many skin issues and diseases. They are also prone to allergies and food sensitivities, according to betterbully.com.

When looking for a new food for your bulldog, look for one that is high in healthy fats. Foods with added vitamin E and fats from fish are especially beneficial.

Because the skin is the body’s largest organ, it absorbs a huge percentage of the nutrients that your dog ingests. It’s important to pick a food that is high in protein and nutrient dense to keep the skin healthy.

If you think your dog suffers from food allergies, the right food is very important in healing the skin and preventing future issues. Look for foods free from corn, wheat, and soy.

Many dogs are also sensitive to other grains, so picking a grain free food might be helpful. If your dog is allergic to proteins like chicken or beef, look for a limited ingredient diet with more exotic proteins.

Weight Gain is a Serious Issue for Bulldogs

Does your bulldog struggle to stay trim? Keeping English bulldogs at a healthy weight is another thing many owners struggle with.

Like their American bulldog cousins, Bulldogs generally have hefty appetites and don’t always stop eating when they should. Unfortunately, they are also prone to joint problems like luxating patellas and elbow dysplasia.

Carrying extra weight puts added pressure on joints and bones and increases the risk for these types of diseases.

To keep your English bulldog healthy, make sure you feed a quality diet with real-meat ingredients and limited fat and carbs. Look for animal protein sources like chicken meal, lamb, and turkey as the first ingredient and foods with at least 20% protein.

Not sure if your bulldog is a healthy weight? Stand over the top of them and look down.

On a bulldog, you should be able to see a slight indent between the ribs and the hips. From the side, you should notice an upward rise from the end of the rib cage through the belly.

If you are looking for a more in-depth method of telling if your bulldog is a healthy weight, check out this video.

Reviews of The Best Dog Foods for Bulldogs

#1. Crave Grain Free Adult Dry Dog Food With Protein

Best Overall

Crave Grain Free Adult
Score: (5/5)

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High protein food with quality animal-sourced ingredients to keep bulldogs healthy.

High in animal-sourced protein

Quality ingredients

Grain free


Contains multiple meat types

Higher in fat

First on our list of the best foods for English bulldogs is Crave’s grain free adult recipe. We chose this excellent food for its high protein content and nutrient dense formula.

This recipe is available in four flavors: salmon/ocean fish, beef, chicken, and lamb/venison. All four versions contain great ingredients, but we especially love the salmon/ocean fish recipe for bulldogs due to the high healthy fat content to help nourish sensitive skin.

The first ingredient in this food is salmon followed by chicken meal. Two ingredients that help this food achieve an impressive protein level of 34%.

All that protein along with other healthy ingredients like fish and lamb meal add a ton of bioavailable nutrition to help your bulldog thrive.

This food is grain free, which is great for sensitive bulldogs, but keep in mind that all four flavors contain multiple protein sources, so this food may not be ideal for bulldogs with protein allergies.

This food does contain a higher fat content at 17% and is best for active and young bulldogs. Older English bullies and those that spend a lot of time on the couch may gain too much weight on this food.

For all the protein this food packs, it is nicely priced just under midrange and a great buy for bulldog owners on a budget.

#2. Taste of the Wild Grain Free Premium High Protein Dry Dog Food Pacific Stream Adult – Smoked Salmon

Runner Up

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream
Score: (5/5)

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Quality food with healthy fats and protein from fish for bulldog skin and coat health.

Contains healthy fats

Fish-based protein sources

Grain free


Lower in protein

High in plant-based protein

If you’re looking for a protein-packed food with healthy fats but a lower calorie count for your less active bulldog, then Taste of the Wild’s Pacific Stream adult is a great choice for you.

Like our first choice, this food contains quality animal ingredients as the first listed, including salmon and ocean fish meal. These quality fats along with added vitamin E and canola oil will help keep your bulldog’s coat shiny and their skin healthy.

In fact, this is one of the best foods for bulldogs with dry, red or irritated skin not due to food allergies.

Along with all that healthy fat is a reasonable dose of protein at 25%. With a lower overall fat percentage and lower protein than our first choice, this food is a great option for bulldogs who need fewer calories but will still benefit from a high-protein, moderate-fat diet.

Like our first choice, this food is grain free. It is also limited to only fish-sourced animal ingredients making it a better choice for bulldogs with protein sensitivities.

This food does contain a higher amount of vegetable ingredients including potatoes, lentils, and peas which means the total protein is likely less bioavailable for your pooch than our first choice.

This food is slightly less expensive than our first choice, though, making it another great option for bulldog owners on a budget.

#3. Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Recipe Natural Dog Food & Toppers

Best for Allergies

Instinct Limited Ingredient
Score: (5/5)

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Single-source meat and plant ingredients for bulldogs with food allergies.

Only one meat and one vegetable

Different protein-source options

Grain free


Higher in fat

Higher price

We chose our number three food on the list of best dog foods for bulldogs specifically for those bullies with sensitive skin and food allergies. Instinct’s Limited Ingredient Diets contain a select few quality ingredients that still deliver on protein and nutrition.

This recipe comes in four flavors: duck, lamb, salmon, and turkey. Each recipe contains only one animal-sourced ingredient, making this a great choice for bulldogs with protein allergies.

And, all these recipes are grain free and limited to one vegetable in addition to the meat source. This definitely qualifies this food as the best dog food for English bulldogs with skin allergies.

Just because this recipe has limited ingredients doesn’t mean it has compromised on nutritional value. These recipes all contain protein amounts around 25% and added vitamins and minerals to help your bully stay happy and healthy.

This food contains a similar amount of fat as our first choice food and is not the best choice for bulldogs who gain weight easily.

As with most limited ingredient and specialty diets, this food sits at the higher end of the price spectrum but is well worth it for any owner with a bulldog who suffers from food allergies.

#4. CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Dry Dog Food

Best for Weight Management

Canidae Pure Weight Management
Score: (4.5/5)

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Low fat, high protein food to keep bulldogs trim and healthy.

Limited ingredient

Low fat

Quality ingredients


Higher calories than many low-fat foods

Contains legumes and potatoes

While Canidae offers a number of great recipes for adult dogs, we’re focusing specifically on their weight management formula for our number four pick. Because bulldogs are prone to weight gain, this is one of the best dry dog foods for English bulldogs.

This food is an excellent choice for English bulldogs who need a little help watching their figure. With just 9% fat, this food has fewer calories than our number one and three picks while still maintaining a high 28% protein.

Your bulldog was made to turn quality animal proteins into energy and muscle, but less active and older dogs struggle to stay trim with diets too high in fat. This food brings low fat without sacrificing quality ingredients.

The first three ingredients in this food are chicken, chicken meal and turkey meal. Like all our other choices, this food is also grain free and only contains a handful of plant-derived ingredients, making it a great choice for bulldogs with sensitive systems.

In fact, not only is this a weight management food, but it is also a limited ingredient diet. It couldn’t be more perfect for the average bulldog, which must be why they put one on the bag!

As a specialty food for allergies and weight control, we would expect this diet to be priced pretty high. But at just over midrange on the price scale, this food is practically a steal for all you get.

#5. Victor Dog Food Grain-Free Active Dog and Puppy Beef Meal and Sweet Potato

Best for Puppies

Victor Grain Free Puppy
Score: (4.5/5)

Check Price

High protein, nutrient-dense food for growing bulldog puppies.

High protein

High in animal-sourced ingredients

Made for puppies


Contains multiple meat types

Contains legumes

The last food on our list is meant for those new bulldog additions to the family. Victor’s puppy recipe is a great choice for English bulldog puppies with its high protein and quality ingredients to help your dog grow up healthy.

All puppies need high-calorie diets to support their quick growth and brain development. With a protein content of 33% and fat level around 16%, Victor’s puppy and active dog formula is one of the best foods for English bulldog puppies.

The first ingredient in this food is beef meal, but the formula also contains fish, pork and lamb meal as well. These along with a few healthy non-animal ingredients like sweet potato and yeast culture add a boost of nutrition to this food that growing bulldogs need.

It also contains DHA to support brain development and added omegas for healthy skin and joints. And, like all other foods on our list, this formula is grain free.

This is a mid-range priced food and more than worth it for the high-animal protein content to help your new puppy thrive.

What is the Best Dog Food for English Bulldogs?

After reviewing dozens of quality dog foods we have named Crave’s Grain Free Adult Dog Food as the best dog food for bulldogs. This recipe comes in multiple flavors to keep your bully happy and interested while all formulas provide an impressive 34% protein.

Crave’s quality ingredients and low price are another reason we love this food. And with no grains and added healthy fats for skin and coat health, we know your bulldog will love it too.

If your bulldog needs a lower calorie food or one with more benefits for allergy-prone dogs, our list contains great options for those as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I feed my bulldog?
How much food an English bulldog needs will vary based on the dog’s activity level and the type of food. Follow the feeding guidelines on the back of the bag, but remember that neutered, less-active dogs will need less food.
Can I “free feed” my bulldog?
Because bulldogs are prone to weight gain it is best not to free feed them. Instead, offer them two pre-measured meals a day and pick up the bowl after about ten minutes
How much fat should my bulldog’s food have in it?

The average commercial food has about 15% fat. Less active bulldogs will do better with around 10% fat while young and active dogs need closer to 20%.

Keep in mind, different bulldog breeds have different nutritional requirements. Check out our article on the best dog food for French bulldogs if an English isn’t the only bully in your household.

Summed Up: The Best Dog Foods for Bulldogs

Crave Grain Free AdultTaste of the Wild Pacific StreamInstinct Limited IngredientCanidae Pure Weight ManagementVictor Grain Free Puppy
Features for BulldogsHigh in animal-sourced protein, grain freeHealthy fats for healthy skin, fish is the only animal proteinOne meat and one plant ingredient, high proteinLow fat, high protein, grain freeHigh protein, calorie dense, multiple animal-sourced ingredients
Ingredient Quality5/55/55/54.5/54.5/5


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