CyberPet - American Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit Bull Terrier: Color, Lifespan, Characteristics & Facts

American Pit Bull Terriers are meant for people who can give a lot of attention to their canine companion. Naturally stubborn and bossy, they need to be trained and socialized from a very young age. Pit owners need to make sure their dog recognizes them because it can be so challenging to handle him.

CyberPet - Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested: Color, Lifespan, Characteristics & Facts

Who can forget a naked dog? With a bit of a pony look, furred head, tail, and feet, and mostly a hairless body, the Chinese Crested dogs are listed as one of the best companion dogs. With its hairless yet graceful, it is hard to confuse a Chinese Crested dog for another breed.

CyberPet - Affenpinscher

Affenpinscher: Color, Lifespan, Characteristics & Facts

Curious, loyal, a great comedian, and famously amusing, anyone looking for an almost-human toy pooch, will find a companion in an Affenpinscher. These naughty, happy companion pups approach life with tremendous confidence despite standing less than a foot tall. Affens are a perfect fit for dog lovers looking for an affectionate, yet always entertaining canine companion.

CyberPet - Smooth Fox Terrier

Smooth Fox Terrier: Color, Lifespan, Characteristics & Facts

Looking to fill your life with joy with a fun, fast, full of energy puppy? You might find the smooth fox terrier to be a worthy match. This lively breed is perfect for those looking for a companion they can explore and make the most of their time with. Learn more about these wily, intelligent, active dogs

CyberPet - Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever: Color, Lifespan, Characteristics & Facts

Medium to large-sized canine companions, with athletic and sturdy builds, you’ve got to love a Labrador retriever. Exceptional character, intelligence, and good temperament, labs are excellent all-around companions. They have popularly made excellent service dogs often trained to become handicapped assistance dogs, guide companions for the blind, and also as therapy dogs.

CyberPet - West highland white terrier

West Highland White Terrier: Color, Lifespan, Characteristics & Facts

The West Highland White Terrier Hypoallergenic coat is pure white and comprises of a soft furry undercoat, overlaid by a hard outer coat. Your white mutt incorporates his love of life and silly antics that allow him to get along with anyone. Their playful temperament will enable them to quickly and energetically run after anything that is in motion.

CyberPet - Best cheap dog beds

5 Best Cheap Dog Beds Without Breaking The Bank

Let’s face it – finding a bed that perfectly fits your pooch’s needs but isn’t absurdly expensive can be quite a challenge. Are you always on the lookout for the best deals on dog beds? In this article, we review low-cost dog bed options that don’t seem to skimp on quality for dog owners.

CyberPet - Best dog clippers for thick coats

5 Best Dog Clippers For Thick Coats & Heavy Fur

The one thing about dogs we can’t seem to ignore is their shiny fur. It makes our dogs more beautiful and adorable, right? However, it comes with a price to pay. In this case, you have to take care of the fur best way you can, and that’s how the best dog clippers for thick hair come in play.

CyberPet - Best dog grooming shears

5 Best Dog Grooming Shears For A Full Haircut

Whether it is grinding your pooch’s nails or trimming his hair, grooming dogs at home is becoming popular. Grooming your pooch at home will save you money while promoting bonding time with your dog. Hence owning a good pair of the best grooming scissors is very important. We review 5 best dog grooming shears based on quality, ease, and affordability.

CyberPet - Best dog dryer

5 Best Dog Dryers For Easy And Fast Fur Drying

Does your soaking wet pooch run around leaving a water trail all over after bath time? You might need a dog hair dryers, especially if you prefer to groom and bather your dog at home. We review the best pet dryer that will keep your dog’s coat feeling soft and fluffy every time she has a bath.

CyberPet - Best dog backpack carrier

5 Best Dog Backpack Carriers To Take Them Everywhere

You see new parents in the streets carrying their small infants around in a backpack type of carrier, right? Well, dog backpack carriers are the same kind but basically designed for dogs. Every pet owner wants to take their pet with them. We review the best dog backpack carrier that will allow you to take your dog anywhere comfortably.

CyberPet - Best dog crate for separation anxiety

Best Dog Crate For Separation Anxiety Pooches (Top 5)

Is your canine companion destroying or escaping their crate each time you are away? Well, if the answer to this question is yes, you have a dog with separation anxiety on your hands. We review the best dog crates for separation anxiety that will significantly help you decrease your dog’s stress whenever you go out of the door.

CyberPet - Best airline approved pet carrier

5 Best Airline Approved Pet Carriers To Travel With Pup

If you love traveling, and you also love to do so with your pooch, the best airline approved pet carrier will simplify most of the issues related to traveling with your pets. We review some of the best pet carriers for air travel in 2019 that will allow you to safely and securely travel with your dog.

CyberPet - Best travel dog crate

5 Best Travel Dog Crates To Take Your Dog On Trips

Do want to start taking your dog on trips or car rides? If you do, then it could be necessary to buy a travel dog crate to keep your pup safe while traveling or in the car. We help narrow down your options by reviewing the best travel dog crates that will help you keep your pooch safe while traveling.

CyberPet - Best heavy duty dog crate

5 Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates For Your Escape Artist

You leave the house and you left your dog in his crate, he escaped. Sometimes, you bought a crate that looked sturdy enough to withstand your puny pup. But then your dog manages to escape. What do you do then? Here, we review some of the best heavy duty dog crates in 2019 that will help confine your pooch.

CyberPet - Best small dog crate

5 Best Small Dog Crates – A Safe Haven For Your Pups

Some small dogs have no problem being left alone. They just curl up on the couch and wait for you to return. But what if your mutt doesn’t like being left alone? In this case, you may have to consider buying a crate. Keep on reading to find out the best small dog crates for your pooch.

CyberPet - Best large dog crate

5 Best Large Dog Crates For Your Pooch To Freely Move

While we enjoy our dog’s company, the demands of our daily duties cannot allow us to watch over them every minute of every hour. If you own big dogs, then buying a dog crate for your large dog is a requirement. We have reviewed and created this list for the best large dog crates in 2019.